Question: Are the managers of the whitewater rafting activities responsible for taking out insurance?

Answer: Yes. This is included in the whitewater rafting fee. Each person should be insured for at least NT$2,000,000

Question: After wind or typhoon-related disaster, how does one find out information concerning the safety of the whitewater rafting area?

Answer: According to Article 12 of the Kaohsiung County Whitewater Rafting Management Self-governing Articles, whitewater rafting managers must consult the governing organization or local firefighting organization within three days after a torrential rainfall or typhoon to learn if there are any rushing streams or whirlpools in the water area. They must also set up warning signs. As they conduct the activities, they must regularly deploy rescue boats and lifesavers.

Question: How long is the entire whitewater rafting route? About how long does it take to complete?

Answer: The entire whitewater rafting route is 12.5 kilometers and takes about two hours to complete.

Question: How do you deal with an emergency?

Answer: In the event of an emergency, the managers first choose appropriate safety rescue measures and at the same time, report to our administration and fire rescue department.

Question: Regarding the Austronesian Wedding Activities, what qualifications do the bride and groom need in order to register?

Answer: The bride or groom should be unmarried and of legal marriage age. Priority is given to Aborigines. Taiwanese and foreign brides or grooms who recognize Indigenous cultural marriages are also welcome to take part.

Last Update:2021-10-21

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