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River Rafting Route

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    River Rafting Route

Laonong River originates from the East Peak of Mt. Jade. It meanders along Central Ridge to the island’s Southwest, passing through Liouguei District of Kaohsiung. In Liouguei, it creates a valley and some alluvial fans, in addition to rushing currents, hot springs, waterfalls, and cliffs. As a result, rafting became popular here.

The history of rafting on Laonong River dates back to 1986. Before Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan, Laonong was once acknowledged by the Tourism Bureau as the most exciting and fun river for rafting in Southeast Asia. Quite a few international rafting events have been held here.

Risky beaches, strange rocks and a height difference of 65 meters all make Laonong River unique, exciting and fun. Enjoy rafting with your friends, appreciate the beautiful scenery of mountains and waters along the way, and take pride in yourself for conquering nature!

Rafting route

Starting point

Tulong Bay Meadow

Ending point

18 Arhats Mountain

Route length

10-12 km, about 100 minutes for a single journey

Special features

You will pass by Liouguei Bridge which was rebuilt after Typhoon Morakot hit the island, cliffs and waterfalls. Lush green mountains and rapid water currents are everywhere. You will also pass by the 18 Arhats Mountain which is hailed as the Guilin of Taiwan. The magnificent scenery is breathtaking. The height difference between the upper and the lower streams is 65 meters. Laonong is truly the most beautiful and exciting river for rafting in East Asia.




Notice for Rafting

  • Remember to put on sun protection. Do not imbibe alcohol, and those with heart conditions, high blood pressure, pregnant women, and those below 12 years old or older than 65 should not participate.
  • Please wear ventilated, long sleeved pants and shirts. Do not wear jeans or other articles that easily absorb water.
  • It is advised that rafters wear river trekking footwear or old shoes that do not easily fall off and will assist in preventing bumps or scratches from stones. Do not wear sandals or slippers.
  • Please deposit important or valuable articles with the staff. Wear sturdy glasses. Do not carry towels or other items. Safety First.
  • Life vests and helmets should be worn tightly. It is forbidden to take them off during the experience because of heat. Listen closely to the coach at the beginning of the course.
  • Rafting is a mutual experience of cooperation ad taking care of each other. Sit balanced on both sides to keep the ship level. Legs should be straddled across the center of the boat, and hands should be kept in the center holding on tightly to the rope in the center. Avoid changing positions during the course.
  • When in rapids avoid turning the ship horizontal. Pull up the oars, hold tighly onto the rope, cling tightly to the boat with your legs, curl up your legs to avoid hitting them on rocks, and do not forget to open your eyes, even when screaming. Remember to use some strength when you can!
  • If you fall overboard without the ship flipping over, do not panic. The life vest will float. Do not attempt to stand up within the rapids. Keep your head backwards and your legs in the front. Maintain this position and float with the flow. Keep calm and soon a life guard will come to you help.
  • If the ship flips over do not panic, especially if you are covered by the boat. Grip your life vest tightly at the chest with both hands and raise your head up. This will let you float. Maintain normal breathing and soon a life guard will come to your rescue.
  • Every time you raft you should take notice of accompanying life rafts and coaches.

River Rafting Video

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