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Maolin National Scenic AreaHot Tourist RoutesBiking Route

Biking Route

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    Biking Route

The most exhilarating outdoor activity that also saves energy at the same time is a tour of biking with the winds.

While communicating with Mother Nature through sweat and energy,and experiencing the best of views on one’s bike,the companionship of the winds will allow you to enjoy the liberation of your soul even more.

Liangshan Waterfall

Pursuit of Winds Route 1:Maolin District to Majia Township

About 37 km

Maolin → Dajin Falls → Saijia Recreation Park → Majia Culture Park → Liangshan Waterfall

(Overnight Boarding: Majia)

Eagle Valley (Dragon Head Mountain)

Pursuit of Winds Route 2:Maolin Village to Duona Village

About 15 km

Maolin NSA Visitor Center → Lovers’ Gorge → Purple Butterfly Valley → Maolin Valley → Eagle Valley (Dragon Head Mountain) → Duona Suspension Bridge → Shetou Mountain → Hongchen Valley Springs → Duona Stone Slab Houses

(Overnight Boarding: Duona Village B&B )

Wutai Rock Slab Art Pathway

Pursuit of Winds Route 3:Sandimen Township to Wutai Township

About 20 km

Sandimen → Jhongshan Park (visit the Culture Exhibition Hall) → Dimo-er (Life Park) → Yila (Rainbow Bridge)Shenshan → Wutai (Rock Slab Art Pathway)

(Overnight Boarding: Wutai B&B)

* Routes 1 through 3 are challenging routes for experienced, independent bikers in excellent condition. We recommend that novices choose Pursuit of Winds Route 4.

Saijia Recreation Area 5-star Camping Area

Pursuit of Winds Route 4:Saijia Recreation Area to Cingshan Village

About 13 km

Saijia Recreation Area in Sandimen Township → Koushe → Ma-er → Anpo → Cingshan (Here, bikers will be able to view the undisturbed natural scenery of the Haishen Palace area.) (Those planning on staying overnight can camp within the Saijia Recreation Area 5-star Camping Area, divided into the Formosan Ash Camping Zone, Green Maple Camping Zone, and the Camphor Tree Camping Zone. All showering facilities use the energy conserving Heatpump method to provide hot water.)

The distance between Saijia and Cingshan is approximately 13 kilometers, and thus this is a very challenging route to take. It was laid down by the Maolin National Scenic Area Administration and the Pingtung County Government. This route is a favorite among young bikers, going uphill and downhill at varying slopes, and with many rest stops that exhibit Indigenous totems along the way.

Distinguishing Features of the Pursuit of Winds Journey

On this independent biking tour in pursuit Plantof the winds, you will be surrounded by luscious green mountains and vivid trees that will help refresh you during the exhaustion of the ride. If this is your first time, the suggested route begins from Ma-er, passes through Anpo, and ends at Cingshan. This route will pass through maple tree forests and a tunnel of natural green. The forests are beautiful, and with statues of Indigenous warriors standing along the way, you’ll definitely discover that your first independent bike ride ended just too quickly.

The Saijia Recreation Area offers bikes for rent- contact 886-8-7992221.

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