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Lafulan Village

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Taoyuan District

(Taoyuan District)


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    Lafulan Village

Location: No. 20, Lafulan Road, Lafulan Village, Taoyuan District, Kaohsiung City.
(It is located at Zhangshan Village in Taoyuan District, near Meishankou at the 107km marker of Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 20.)

Lafulan Village is filled with arts from aboriginal tribes. The houses on both sides along the Southern Cross-Island Highway are decorated with totems of the Bunun tribe. Walking inside the village, visitors can appreciate traditional wood and stone carvings and meet friendly villagers. Several years ago, the Lafulan community started to promote Bunun arts and traditional handicraft skills by popularizing traditional weaving, wood and stone carving, pottery creation, and other arts. After years of preserving this culture, the village now hosts cultural festivities, such as the manah tainga (Hunting Festival) of the Bunun Tribe.

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The Meilan Art Village Leisure Path starts behind the village and is approximately a 30 minute walk to the end of the path. The path is constructed in a rustic style and along the path are a few local farms. At the top of the path there is a pavilion, suitable for taking a rest and admiring the landscape.


No. 20, Lafulan Road, Taoyuan Dist., Kaohsiung



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.81151/23.23853
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    Lafulan Village
    4.2 4stars 25 reviews
    4stars 6 months ago

    Do a little business, especially The airport shuttle van fleet brought After you visit Tianchi, kill time 7, 8 cars Assembly hall, high-quality runway The health center, the classroom of the branch school, but the Bunun compatriots, did not fully utilize the effectiveness of the equipment.

    5stars 8 months ago

    Ban Niang Daqi, get a bottle of millet wine & pickled plums for unlimited enjoyment per room

    3stars a year ago

    I don’t think there are any special attractions. I ate bad slate barbecue, Aiyubing, lemon and sugar water at a certain stall and asked us to add it by ourselves. The point is that the lady boss has always boasted how delicious her things are and can’t tell the secret recipe. I think what is super funny is her self-confidence~ The point is still expensive!

    4stars a year ago

    Half-moon lampposts. Straight streets. Wild Aiyu Village, an art village with a unique style.

    4stars 9 months ago

    Leisurely and lightly cut~

    Last Update:2021-11-30

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