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Bulao Hot Spring Area

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Liouguei District

(Liouguei District)


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    Bulao Hot Spring Area

Location: Situated at the Xinfa Village of Liouguei District, Kaohsiung City. It is 14 km south of Liouguei, and 6 km north of Baolai. At the 4 km mark of Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 27, turn right on to Kaohsiung Rural Route No. 133.

Bulao Hot Spring is a low alkaline carbonic acid spring with a pH of 7.5 and a temperature of about 48℃. The water has no smell and is excellent for drinking and bathing. The waters are said to improve one's skin condition and have a rejuvenating effect. Around the hot spring, there are numerous facilities for dining and bathing, spa and hydrotherapy establishments, and areas for barbecues, camping, etc.

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HikingHot springs Sight seeingWaterfallOutingMt. climbingBird watchingStar gazing Forest bath

Travel Trips

There are facilities for camping and picnicking on the banks of the Laonong River, and there are some hot spring hostels in Xinfa village.


Bulao Hot Spring Area



Traffic Information

Driving: From Cishan, head north on Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 21 to Jiasian, and then connect with Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 20, and pass through Laonong to Baolai, turn right and head about 7.6 km to reach the destination. Bus: From kaohsiung take the scheduled bus to Liugui, then take the bus bound for Baolai or Laonong, get off at Dingxinfa stop to reach the destination.

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.68349/23.06622
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    Bulao Hot Spring Area
    4 4stars 4 reviews
    norasasa Lee
    5stars 2 years ago

    The spring is very good. The skin is smooth and the environment is very quiet. It is a place for relaxing.

    5stars 4 years ago

    Ami Chang
    4stars 3 years ago

    robert hsu
    2stars 2 years ago

    Last Update:2021-11-30

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