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Meilunshan Trail

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Liouguei District

Cloudy(Liouguei District)


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    Meilunshan Trail

The entrance to the Meilunshan Trail is located on Bulao Hot Spring Street in Liouguei, beside the Qiyu Temple. A wooden sign showing the map of the area can be found by the entrance, marking scenic spots and places for rest along the path.

The beginning of the trail is an industrial forest path. After passing through a tea garden, visitors will enter a section that may be more challenging to travel on. This 4.2km-long trail ends at a triangular point at the top of the mountain. The altitude of the mountain is about 1000-1350m above sea level, therefore visitors should expect 4 to 6 hours of travel time to complete the walk. Please note that if you are not strong enough or lack time to finish the whole trip, you may head back and return after passing the tea garden. The trail offers many beautiful views. At 1km and 2km along the path, a scenic platform is available for visitors to take a rest, enjoy the breeze, and appreciate the Bulao Hot Spring Area that is embraced by green mountains. Visitors will even be able to see the Laonong River Valley and the Nanheng Mountains in the far distance.

In the hilly tea garden there are many plum trees, giving the garden a floral charm during the flower season. Visitors will be able immerse themselves in the aroma of plum flowers and tea trees. In early morning, the garden looks particularly poetic, as it is wrapped up in mists and fogs during this period of day. Visitors can also take a hot spring bath after the hiking trip in Bulao to get rid of their tiredness and allow them to feel relaxed. Most people believe that hot spring baths are one of the best enjoyments in the world!

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  • Longitude/Latitude:120.68756/23.06654
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    Last Update:2021-10-22

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