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Peach Blossom Garden

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Majia Township

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    Peach Blossom Garden

Peach Blossom garden is considered the backyard of Majia. Located in the mist shrouded mountains at an elevation of 1,077 meters, it covers 1.9 hectares and offers gorgeous view. The garden contains large number of peach trees, Oriental plum and apricot trees and wild lily.

Why is it called “Peach Blossom Garden”? The proprietor Pan Yong-fu planted a large number of peach trees on the slope he owns. He nurtured them until they bore fruit but it was all taken by monkeys and all the money he invested was wasted.

He tried another way and grafted peach trees to apricot trees. However, the result was that they flowered but didn’t bear fruit. The flowers were white, pink and red and had 32 petals (peach blossom just have five) . He called the flower, beautiful and romantic, “peach-apricot multipetal flower”. He was a happy farmer but harbored a desire to help the development of the village economy. He then worked together with like-minded people in the village, founded the Wada Village Industrial Development Association. He changed his business strategy to open up his gardens to visitors during the flower blooming period. It charges NTD 50 to enter the garden.

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During the blooming period, peach blossom, apricot blossom and plum blossom vie for attention. When it comes to May and June, it is the time to admire the beauty of Oriental plum and wild lily blossom. Note: Advance booking of a visit is required. Contact: Pan Yong-fu, Director, Wada Village Industrial Development Association on 886-937-686-163





Traffic Information

Driving: National Highway 3 exiting at Changzhi interchange ─ Provincial Highway 24 ─ Sandimen direction ─ Ping 35 Township road─folow signs for Taiwan Aboriginal Culture Park to Majia Township ─ Peach Blossom Garden Bus:There are no buses to Peach Blossom garden so it is best to go by car

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.68283/22.66541
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