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Rukai wedding is held by the Dawu Mountain


A traditional Rukai wedding was held on March 11 at Wutai Elementary School, Wutai Township amid much fanfare and grandiosity, during the month-long 2017 Austronesian Wedding: Love by the Dawu Mountain organized by the Pingtung County Government and the Maolin National Scenic Area administration, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transport and Communications. After a heart-felt banquet for the bride and the groom, the members of the both families gathered up and listened to elders explain Rukai wedding rules and ideas. The bride and the groom then put on tribal garments. The bride got into a sedan and the groom presented wedding gifts. A swing rite and a warrior rite were held afterwards. Lastly, the bride and the groom exchanged vows and all attendants gave their best wishes to the bride and the groom by singing Rukai love songs. The wedding was joined by 10 such marrying couples who were ready for a new phase of life. The attending visitors all enjoyed a feast of love with the brides and grooms which almost felt like a fairytale by the Dawu Mountain.  

Last Update:2024-04-26

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