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Ecological Exploration One Day Trips Route A

The Colorful Butterfly Valley is where visitors can view the beautiful sight of Grass Yellow butterflies flying around between May and August. The number of butterflies here is always overwhelming! Follow the path to Diyuan Temple and admire the intricate religious artwork here in a solemn and holy atmosphere. As your trip comes to an end, why not take a sprig of rose tree back home as the perfect souvenir?

  • Day 1

  • Colorful Butterfly Valley
    Colorful Butterfly Valley

    Colorful Butterfly Valley is divided into eleven valley districts, each home to twenty to thirty different species of butterflies. The 8th valley is the most distinctive of the 11 valley districts. More than 250 species of butterflies inhabit this area, making it the superior butterfly breeding grounds in Taiwan.

  • Diyuan Temple
    Diyuan Temple

    Diyuan Temple is located at Kaohsiung County Road 131, near the Colorful Butterfly Valley. The temple serves the Gods Buddha and Ksitigarbha. It is a branch of Yuanzhao Temple, and is one of the three largest temples in Liouguei. Many believers come to the temple every day, offering plenty of incenses.

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