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Biking in the WindBiking in the WindBiking in the Wind Half-Day Trips Route A
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Biking in the Wind Half-Day Trips Route A

This bike path is the first sightseeing bike path in Pingtung County. The scenery changes along the way, and bikers will see various types of fruit farms, changing maple forests, and huge trees with thick, green crowns. Additionally, the numerous mileage markers and rest stops are all decorated with Paiwan totems and designs, with a pronounced Indigenous flavor.

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  • Saijia Recreation Area
    Saijia Recreation Area

    The Saijia Recreation Area is a perfect place for outdoor fun with family and friends. Covering 7.93 hectares, the park is well equipped with camping, barbecuing and other recreations facilities. The park locates at the 17 km point on County High Way 185 in Pingtung and was named by former mayor Mr. Su Tseng-chang. For the sustainable development and operation, the park is currently run by private sector.

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Last Update:2021-01-29

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