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Maolin National Scenic AreaItinerariesSuggested ToursBiking in the WindBiking in the Wind One Day Trips Route A
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Biking in the Wind One Day Trips Route A

This route is very flexible and bikers can adjust their itinerary according to their endurance. Under no pressure whatsoever, show your passion and visit every location with the wind as your companion! The route was planned in accordance with nature and cultural elements in mind, so follow the route and enjoy a biking trip complete with visual enjoyment and cultural implications.

  • Day 1

  • Dajin Waterfall
    Dajin Waterfall

    Dajin Waterfall is also called “Dawu Waterfall“, “Weiliao Waterfall”, or “Xinfeng Waterfall”. There are five falls in Dajin Waterfall.

  • Saijia Recreation Area
    Saijia Recreation Area

    The Saijia Recreation Area is a perfect place for outdoor fun with family and friends. Covering 7.93 hectares, the park is well equipped with camping, barbecuing and other recreations facilities. The park locates at the 17 km point on County High Way 185 in Pingtung and was named by former mayor Mr. Su Tseng-chang. For the sustainable development and operation, the park is currently run by private sector.

  • Sandimen Tourist Cycle Path
    Sandimen Tourist Cycle Path

    Qingshan is the second biggest village in Sandimen Township. It has a well-known scenic spot- “Poseidon’s Palace”. The scenic spot was named for its bizarre scene of rock, valley and deep pool, with the concept of undersea palace in the mythic stories. (The village is currently closed due to the effect of Typhoon Morakot.)

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Last Update:2021-01-29

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