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Maolin National Scenic AreaItinerariesSuggested ToursBiking in the WindBiking in the Wind Two Day Trips Route A
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Biking in the Wind Two Day Trips Route A

With your family, begin your biking trip together, using the Maolin Visitor Center as a starting point and Wutai as the finish line. Ride towards the wind and sweat freely while taking in the beautiful scenery around you as you go. Embraced by nature, your body will relax and your soul will be freed. Moreover, you will discover that your body’s energy is indeed regenerating! (Please ride according to your capability and don’t overdo it.)

  • Day 1

  • Qingye Village
    Qingye Village

    More than 400 years ago, the ancestors of Qingye relocated on a number of occasions before settling down at the site of today’s village. The village was named Qingye in 1976. As you travel along the “mountain highway” (Ping 185 road), when you see an eye-catching arrangement of river stones and a sign with a group of butterflies about to take to the air, you know you already arrive at Qingye Village.

  • Saijia Community Trail
    Saijia Community Trail

    This trail, leading to Saijia Aviation Park, is 2.1 kilometers long and the starting point is behind Saijia Elementary School. Walking along the trail, you will hear the calls of the crested serpent eagle(Spilornis cheela) and see crested goshawk(Accipiter trivirgatus) soaring above. If you are lucky enough, you will hear the distinctive call of a protected bamboo rat. You will also gear the call of owls at night.

  • Day 2

  • Taiwan Aboriginal Culture Park
    Taiwan Aboriginal Culture Park

    The park is located at Beiye Village, Pingtung County. It was originally called the Majia Aboriginal Culture Village as it situated in the intersection of the three aboriginal townships of Sandimen, Majia, and Wutai. It is only 24 km away from Pingtung City, with convenient transportation. It contains both the Paiwan and Rukai tribes.

  • Sanhe Village
    Sanhe Village

    Sanhe Village was originally an undeveloped sandy ground. How did it become the green village of today? In 1943 a missionary from the US used the resources of the Taiwan Christian Service (TCS) to assist aborigines from Wutai, Sandimen and Majia to settle in Yiliao. The hard work of the aborigines cleared the stones and turned the sandy soil into farm land.

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