Maolin National Scenic Area RSS >Copyright 2019 <![CDATA[ Maolin turns into a dreamland with the arrival of purple crow butterflies ]]> Maolin Purple Crow Butterfly Valley is not to be missed if you ever visit southern Taiwan in winter. In fact, hundreds of thousands of butterflies have just gathered up here at the turn of autumn and winter like in previous years, and they quietly await visitors. An amazing ecological wonder this is!

Celebrating the coming of the butterflies, for the first time, Maolin National Scenic Area Administration under the Tourism Bureau, MOTC is holding “Dancing Butterflies - Purple Crow Butterfly Photography Marathon.” Professional photographers and family visitors who enjoy nature are especially encouraged to take part. Those interested may upload photos of the butterflies to the photography marathon’s website and join an additional prize draw. And on November 9, an opening hiking event entitled “Go! Purple Crow Butterfly Adventure Game” was held at Maolin Environment Education Center. The attendants walked a butterfly-watching trail as accompanied by purple crow butterflies, and completed four entertainning games and a few ecological explanatory sessions. The attendants all learned more about the butterfly and received limited-offer souvenirs (3,000 in total) upon presenting game stamps.

During this period, the monitoring staff members of Maolin National Scenic Area Administration and representatives of Maolin Education Center wold upload butterfly status every day online.Visitors can plan their informative butterfly trips according to the information. In fact, Michelin’s Green Guide rates Maolin’s Purple Crow Butterfly Valley as a three-star (the highest rating) must-visit. In fact, looking at the world, ecological tours featuring awe-inspiring wintering butterflies in Europe, Americas, and Asia have always been highly popular. California and Mexico City are known for monarch butterflies, and northeast Australia and Maolin of Kaohsiung are famous for purple crow butterflies. The scene of hundreds of thousands of butterflies in winter migration is simply amazing. It is no wonder that social media such as TripAdvisor highly recommends these tours.

The Administration noted that Maolin not only has precious ecological resources, but also boasts diversified culture. Every month, an indigenous Rukai butterfly conservation market is held, with local vendors selling special handicrafts, delicious meals, and children’s toys. Melodious singing shows are held alongside the market, too. DIY sessions are available for all to make crafts on their own.

To promote group tourism, the major travel agencies in Taiwan now offer 1-day and 2-day tours in Maolin. Visitors can enjoy indigenous culture, Baolai hot springs, and the magnificent scene of purple crow butterflies resting in mountain valleys for the winter, in greater Kaohsiung and Pingtung. The butterfly-themed tours allow visitors to appreciate dancing butterflies at a close distance, while exploring the culture and nature of mountainous Maolin deeply.

Starting from November 9, a series of butterfly activities has been held, such as Rukai Butterfly Conservation Market, Love & Companion: A Butterfly-watching Trip, and Northbound Butterfly Relay. On weekends and holidays, tourist shuttles are available. During this time, visitors can expect to learn about butterfly ecology and Rukai culture at once, bringing home much beautiful memory and knowledge.

Maolin National Scenic Area Administration
Maolin Purple Crow Butterfly Biennial

<![CDATA[ Lovers’ trail to close for a longer time ]]> Lovers’ Valley Hiking Trail will still be closed entirely due to facilities maintenance and surroundings improvement work in Maolin District and 18 Arhats Leisure Area. The work is expected to complete by January 31, 2020. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.  

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<![CDATA[ Liangshan’s hiking trail is closed for maintenance ]]> Due to maintenance work, from October 16 to November 23, 2019, the Area’s Liangshan Waterfall Hiking Trail will be closed at the point of 875 meters away from its entrance. For your safety, do not trespass during this time. Thank you for your cooperation.

Service hotline: 08-7993520
Opening hours: 09:00 – 17:00 daily

<![CDATA[ Autumn is the time for going to indigenous markets in mountain tribes ]]> The two-month-long Mountainous Market will kick off on September 28 at the Kubic Park in Kaohsiung. Popular indigenous music and dance troupes will be performing, and indigenous Rukai food "Chuluke" will be served. Visitors can even try to make the food on their own!

Other than enjoyable indigenous music and dance, a range of indigenous food, agricultural goods, and tribal handicrafts will be available for sale. The market will consist of 15 cultural and creative vendor stands from Duona Tribe of Kaohsiung and Shenshan Tribe of Pingtung. Visitors can expect to buy many things home!

On October 26, the market will be held again at Pingtung Train & Bus Terminal from 10am to 4pm. Many delicious indigenous food and interesting cultural and creative goods can be purchased at reasonable prices. If you live in the city, please feel free to go to the market for some countryside fun.

Starting from the Double Tenth Day vacation, every weekend, the market will take place again at Xinwei Forest Park and Duona Tribe, also from 10am to 4pm. From November 2 to December 1, it will be held at Shenshan Tribe. The Administration hopes to introduce indigenous culture to more people in this way, as well as to see more visitors interested in indigenous culture coming to mountain tribes.

<![CDATA[ Old Payuan Tribe of Majia in Pingtung bags PATA Gold Award ]]> Maolin National Scenic Area Administration just received a gold award in the culture and heritage category from the Pacific Asia Travel Association aside from 33 other winners, for helping to preserve an old indigenous tribe called Payuan.

Located in Majia Township, Pingtung County today, old Payuan is home to Paiwan people, the second largest indigenous community in Taiwan. It is also the largest "Vuculj" subtribe. At its peak, it was the second largest Paiwan tribe. While the site was a place of origin of Paiwan, the residents of Payuan had to move to a new site in 1974, as transport, education and medical treatment were all hard to come by. The new tribe was then named "Paiwan," making it the only tribe named after any indigenous people. Since then, the once thriving old Payuan, filled with slate houses, became a place of desertedness. In 2001, people finally realized the cultural and historical importance of old Payuan, and began to work with the government and civil groups alike to refurbish the tribe’s slate houses.

Today, old Payuan is known as "a tribe that lives without electricity," and it takes pride in its 12 well-preserved old houses. The site feels like an ancient recluse from the modern world. And these days, when entering old Payuan, people would hold a ceremony to inform ancestral spirits that they are visiting and ask for blessings. On a side note, Paiwan people love to adorn themselves. They especially like to wear head ornaments made with fresh wild flowers. It is thus common to see people with such ornaments moving about in Paiwan tribes. Lastly, to properly introduce Paiwan traditions to visitors, guided tours have been available in recent years in old Payuan, focusing on its culture and nature. The tours are educational and eco-friendly. All of the members of the tribe are thrilled to share the PATA Gold Award.

old Payuan


old Payuan


Paiwan people

<![CDATA[ Stay safe during and after heavy rain. ]]> Due to days of heavy rain, soil has loosened and rocks sometimes fall from mountain walls in our area. Please be extra careful when you visit Maolin.

With best wishes,
Maolin National Scenic Area Administration 

<![CDATA[ A new typhoon is approaching Taiwan. Please avoid visiting mountains or rivers ]]> A typhoon will get near Taiwan this Thursday and Friday. Landslides are likely to take place in mountain areas here. Please avoid visiting mountains or rivers during this time, and watch out for the latest updates of the typhoon by the Central Weather Bureau, so as to stay safe.  

<![CDATA[ Enjoy local delicacies at Town Food Hall of Taiwan Culinary Exhibition ]]> Want to taste Taiwan’s 12 most popular summer ice desserts at once? Fancy bringing home all of Taiwan’s local specialties for friends and family? Come to Town Food Hall hosted by Tourism Bureau at 2019 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition!

Time & Dates: 10:00-18:00, July 26-29
Location: Taipei World Trade Center
Stand No.: D101 Town Food Hall, Tourism Bureau

"Town Food Hall" showcases town food from the 13 national scenic areas in Taiwan at once, including famous specialties which tourists like to take home as gifts. Now, exhibition goers can try Taiwan’s town food without going a long way to visit the places.

Maolin National Scenic Area Administration will sell the following the snacks at the food fair:
 Shenshan Tribe – millet salad & small mountain taros
 Lrimumu Teke – millet doughnuts

<![CDATA[ Sandimen to hold "masalut" harvest fest ]]> An indigenous “masalut” harvest festival and a sports game will be held in Sandimen Township, Pingtung County from August 11 to 13 at Timur Elementary School. This year’s festival is featured by magnificent thousand-person dance, traditional singing, and warrior dance of the ravalj people, a sub-tribe of Paiwan. Visitors can expect to enjoy a wonderful cultural feast.

Dates: August 11 – 13, 2019
Location: Timur Elementary School & Sandimen Township Stadium

<![CDATA[ Typhoon DANAS is approaching Taiwan. Please avoid visiting mountains or rivers ]]> Typhoon DANAS will get near Taiwan these days. Please avoid visiting mountains or rivers during this time, and watch out for the latest updates of the typhoon by the Central Weather Bureau, so as to stay safe.  

<![CDATA[ Exploring Taiwan differently on a bicycle ]]> If you think driving is too fast and walking is too slow, at 20km/hr, cycling will give you the perfect speed and perspective for appreciating Taiwan. To get some inspirations for your body and soul, while learning about the beautiful mountains and hospitable people of Taiwan, riding a bicycle on the island is your choice to make.

For more bicycle-tour itineraries, please visit the “Taiwan on 2 Wheels” website.

<![CDATA[ Hakka Power 2019 ]]> Hakka Power 2019, a marathon, is aimed at gathering up Hakka people and promoting Hakka culture. Its themes, competition titles, competition routes, and side performances are all Hakka-inspired.

Date: October 20, 2019 (Sun.)
The marathon includes the following routes/groups:
♦ Energetic Hakka (42.195k)
♦ Round-the-village Hakka (25k)
♦ Lively Hakka (5k)

All participants will get T-shirts, drawstring sports bags, Meinon’s specialty gifts, and NT$60 farmers’ market coupons for free.

Register soon for this joyous event!

The Hakka Power2019 registration page is as follows: (in Mandarin)

<![CDATA[ Commemorating Typhoon Morakot (2009), a sightseeing tour will be held. Please feel free to take part ]]> Sabau! Chefs wanted for tribal cooking school

Date: July 7, 2019 (Sun.)
1-day self-drive tour: NT$999 per person

What is a self-drive tour? The participant will have to go to Shenshan for the tour by car or motorcycle first.
The itinerary is as follows: Guchuan Bridge of Wutai → Guchuan Tribe → Tribal cooking school → Handicrafts DIY → Shenshan tribal tour

We encourage all members of the public to take part. As soon as there are 10 registrants, a tour will be arranged.
For more details, please visit:

<![CDATA[ Handicrafts exhibition to kick off on June 6 at Xinwei Visitor Center ]]> The “Riri She-Zai-Jiao Life & Handicrafts Exhibition” will be held from June 6 to September 1, 2019 at Xinwei Visitor Center.

She-Zai-Jiao Life & Handicrafts Exhibition
The exhibition includes the following themes:
♦ Post-disaster Riri
♦ Community Life in Riri
♦ The Handicrafts of Riri
♦ Daily Life in Riri
♦ The Future & Riri

Xinwei Visitor Center’s opening hours:
Weekdays: 09:00-17:30
Holidays: 08:30-17:30

All visitors are cordially invited to appreciate the displays.

<![CDATA[ Canoeing at Laonong River is suspended in year 2019 ]]> Canoeing at Laonong River will be suspended from May 1 to October 31, 2019. Unless the Administration agrees, canoeing and all related operations are forbidden at Laonong River. 

<![CDATA[ Join our international seminar on Danaine Butterfly ]]> The 2019 International Conference on the Danaine Butterfly Ecotourism Development will invite experts, scholars and conservationists home and abroad to discuss Danaine Butterfly conservation and ecotourism. Interested members of the pubic are encouraged to register for this event.

Date: June 6, 2019 (Thursday)
Time: 09:00-17:00
Location: Institute of Transportation , MOTC (No. 240, Dunhua North Road, Songshan District, Taipei City 10548)

Register online at: 





<![CDATA[ Be our guests at the Taiwan Indigenous Tourism Festival ]]> Would you like to learn and feel Taiwan’s indigenous cultures? The Taiwan Indigenous Tourism Festival will be held at a grand scale at the Central Performing Area of the Taipei Main Station from May 3 to 5, 2019. Visitors can expect to enjoy indigenous music and dance, food, and handicrafts, as well as to take part in a gift-collecting game. This year, the Tao people of the Orchid Island and the Hauraki people of New Zealand will join force to manifest the spirit of indigenous cultures to visitors at a close distance.

Time: May 3-5, 2019
Location: Central Performing Area, Taipei Main Station

~ You are cordially invited to be our guests ~







<![CDATA[ Liouguei-Laonong Route of mobile tourist service to start in May ]]> Service time and place:

09:10-10:00 Tiantai Mountain Temple (the main entrance beside a parking lot)
10:30-11:30 18 Arhats Mountain Service Area(beside parking lot toilets)
14:00-14:50 7-ELEVEN, Liugui Store (at the gate)
15:10-16:10 Shanping Mountain Resort (main entrance)

<![CDATA[ Press conference promotes Austronesian wedding events ]]> The 2017 Austronesian Wedding will kick off on March 4, 2017 at the Wutai Tribal Culture Square, Wutai Township as organized by the Pingtung County Government and the Maolin National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transport and Communications. A series of events will be held in a 29-day period. Visitors from around the world are encouraged to take part, enjoying the unique Rukai culture and beautiful tribal scenery.

The biggest event of all – the Rukai wedding - will take place on March 10 & 11 in Wutai. Ten marrying couples will exchange vows by the Dawu Mountain. The members of the tribes in Wutai will help the couples go through all wedding procedures as if they were their own sons and daughters, from proposing, gift-presenting, welcoming the bride, the wedding, and good-wish giving, beside lily flowers which represent the Rukai spirit. During the activity period, on all weekends in Wutai, Sandimen and Majia, visitors are free to attend some wonderful events. A holiday market and a photography competition will be held in Sandimen, while “blessings under blooming cherry trees” and a camping event will convene in Majia.