Maolin National Scenic Area RSS >Copyright 2022 <![CDATA[ Purple Butterfly Watching ]]> November–January   Maolin Two Year Butterfly Viewing event

Every year in winter, the highlight of the Maolin National Scenic Area is the arrival of thousands and thousands of purple crow butterflies across the ocean to stay for the winter.

When the first ray of sunlight hits the Maolin Purple Butterfly Valley in winter, Purple Crow Butterflies instantly wake up and begin their busy routines of passionately chasing rays of sunlight that pierce the thick canopy. Sometimes, they fly high and low within the valley, while at other times, they choose to stay still, exhibiting their wings of majestic colors. The butterflies of this area provide an excellent ecological trip location for tourists, and also offer a bit of warmth in the chillness of winter.

Purple Crow Butterflies are rare migratory butterflies that arrive according to schedule each winter at the Purple Butterfly Valley in Maolin to pass the winter. In the river valleys in Maolin and Liouguei, which provide shelter for the butterflies, you can find the colorful Striped Blue Crow, Double-Branded Black Crow, Dwarf Crow, the Euploea eunice and even the Chestnut Tiger butterfly of even more colors.

A this period of time each year, to meet the needs of the public, the Administration provides volunteer guides at the entrance to Purple Butterfly Valley and also broadcasts live videos of Purple Crow Butterflies in the Visitor’s Center exhibition room. To learn more about the ecology of these migratory butterflies, besides reading descriptions and looking at diagrams in the exhibition room, volunteer guides will also be glad to answer any questions visitors have.

The number of visitors who have registered online to view our world-class butterfly sights in the past years has already surpassed 7,000.  The Maolin National Scenic Area Administration is dedicated to promoting ecological tourism in a sustainable way, so the butterfly-viewing event will continue to be held. Through the detailed description of ecology guides, visitors will learn about our world-class butterfly panorama!

12 16 2020
<![CDATA[ Austronesian Wedding ]]> March   Austronesian Wedding

The romantic atmosphere and exotic experience of the wedding has received unanimous recognition and praise.

The “Austronesian Wedding” event held by the Maolin Scenic Area Administration is a singular event that has attracted many non-Indigenous couples from Taiwan to participate, and also some couples from abroad. The romantic atmosphere and exotic experience of the wedding has been well received by all who have witnessed it.

The main themes of the event are the traditional wedding customs of the Paiwan and Rukai, with enthralling performances and activities. If you would like to experience a unique Indigenous wedding and share in the joy of the newlyweds, you can register online for an experience you won’t ever forget!

12 16 2020
<![CDATA[ Fetrip of Whispering Flowers in the Mountains ]]> November–January   Hot Springs Season of Whispering Flowers in Mountainous Town

The Liouguei area of Kaohsiung County has the largest number of hot springs resources of all Southern Taiwan, and includes almost 40 hot spring hotels. It has become a hot springs vacation area of quality and much potential.

The Liouguei area of Kaohsiung City has the largest number of hot springs resources of all Southern Taiwan, and includes almost 40 hot spring hotels. It shows much potential for development as a hot springs vacation resort.

As cold winds blow, plum blossoms begin to open. As the season of winter arrives, all plum blossom areas around Taiwan begin to flourish. Cold fronts that pass through Taiwan drive the white plum blossoms to bloom, bringing a romantic atmosphere to the island of Formosa. It attracts plum blossom lovers to visit the mountains and enjoy the intoxicating scenery the cold blossoms of winter form. The most beautiful flower season location, Liouguei’s Zhulin hot springs area, combined with the riot of plum blossoms on the treetops, will calm your heart and refresh your mind.

Taoyuan District along the South Cross-Island Highway and the Zhulin Hot Springs Area of Liouguei combine abundant hot springs resources with plum trees and plum blossoms to create an elegant plum blossom wonderland that provides bathing and blossom watching in a high-quality travel experience.

12 16 2020