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Dewen Scenic Area

Local Weather: Sandimen TownshipPartly cloudy21°C

Dewen Village of Sandimen Township offers beautiful scenes of both mountains and plants. There are eight scenic spots in Dewen Village: Swan Lake, Lovers Lake, Tianhong Waterfall, Guanwangshan, Bat Caves, Huge Stone Bridge, Old Stone City, and a big banyan tree in the region. The scenic area measures 1560 hectares, with the altitude is about 800m. A mountain trail winds through Dewen, traversing lofty ranges and deep valleys.

The inhabitants of Dewen village are mainly Rukai people and Indigenous arts can be seen everywhere, including slate houses. The area is in a restricted mountain district and visitors must apply for admission before entering.

Travel tips

Visitors should apply for a Type 1 mountain permit to enter Dewen village, available at the Sandimen Township Office, or Dalai Police Station on Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 24.

How to get there

Kaohsiung Jhongjheng Interchange→Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 1→Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 24→ Dewen Scenic Area

Map of the location

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WGS84 (N) 22.80017
(E) 120.70924

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