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Colorful Butterfly Valley

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Liouguei District

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    Colorful Butterfly Valley

Location: It is located on the banks of Hongshuei River in Liouguei District. At the 58km marker on Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 27, connect to Kaohsiung Rural Route No. 131.

Colorful Butterfly Valley is divided into eleven valley districts, each home to twenty to thirty different species of butterflies. The 8th valley is the most distinctive of the 11 valley districts. More than 250 species of butterflies inhabit this area, making it the superior butterfly breeding grounds in Taiwan. The Colorful Butterfly Valley area covers more than 400 hectares. The Hongshuei River Valley is surrounded by mountains that block the north wind and keep the temperature fairly stable throughout the year. The abundance of kassod tree, also known as Senna siamea, and pomelo trees provides a suitable habitat for butterfly propagation.

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In May and June of every year, millions of butterflies hatch every day in Colorful Butterfly Valley. By 10am, the sky will fill with dancing butterflies. Anyone who likes butterflies should seize the opportunity and come enjoy the view.





Traffic Information

Driving: From Tainan Rende Interchange, connect on County Route No. 182 to Jhongpu. Then connect to Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 3 and head towards Qishan. Next, connect on Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 28 to Liugui. After crossing Colorful Butterfly Bridge, you will arrive at Colorful Butterfly Valley. Bus: From Koahsiung, take the Kaohsiung Passenger Co. bus to Liugui, then walk north along Mingsheng Rd. for approximately 40 minutes to reach the destination.

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.63935/23.01685
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