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Local Products

Black Diamond Wax Apples
Black diamond wax appleThe season for Black Diamond wax apples runs from December to May. The distinctive sweet and juicy flavor makes the fruit an perennial favorite in Taiwan's fruit markets. Wax apples with a rich red color and no cracks or wrinkles are the best. 

Jinsyuan Tea
Jinsyuan TeaThe farmhouses on both sides of the street in Sinfa Village at Liouguei post signboards for tea factories and tea gardens everywhere, making it a "Township of Tea". Jinsyuan Tea of Liouguei is famous for its rich milky scent and unique flavor, making it a favorite among tea connoisseurs. .

Source:Kaohsiung Farmers' Association
Red-Flesh Plums

PlumPlums have abundant natural carbohydrates, vitamins B and C, calcium, and potassium. In addition to being served as fruit, they can also can be made into juices, preserved as prunes, made into jams, or brewed into wines. Plum products can expedite alcohol metabolism, refresh, enhance appetite, and prevent constipation.

─Indigenous Culture and Tourism information website
─Taoyuan Township office

Colored Glaze Beads

Colored glaze beadsColored glaze beads are also called “katakata” or “dragonfly beads” by Paiwan people, which means ‘accomplishment’ in their language. The beads are highly regarded as representing traditional values and are passed to the next generation as heirlooms. Each bead has its own name and an ancient legend attached to it. They also signify the warding off evil, guarding loved ones, fortune, and glory, as well as one’s status in society.

Most colored glaze beads were bought and collected by connoisseurs; hence there were not so many left in public. Fortunately, artists and handcrafters in Sandimen have devoted themselves to recovering the art of making colored glaze beads. They also teach the techniques to younger apprentices, so the legacy can be passed on. In the past 20 years, making colored glaze beads has become a notable cultural heritage in the Sandimen area.

─Sandimen Township office


PearBuds Buds of temperate-zone variety pears were grafted onto the branch of the tree of Heng-shan pear to breed the so-called “Mountain Pear”, which is juicy, delicate, and sweet. Its taste is comparable to the taste of its temperate zone counterpart.

─Indigenous Culture and Tourism information website

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