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Indigenous & Ecological 1-Day Tour

Recommended itinerary: Liangshan Recreation Area → Rinari Tribe, Majia → Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Park
Travel highlights: Pythoncidere forest baths, indigenous culture
Traffic info: Driving:
  Take National Highway 3, exit at Changzhi Interchange, switch to Provincial Highway 24 and then take County Road 185.
Dining info: 1. Indigenous meals:
Dageifa Gourmet Restaurant (08)7993395
Weiyi Coffee House (08)7993676
Autumn Moon (08)7991524
  2. Local cuisine:
Shanzhongtian Mountain Resort (08)7993440
Gikau Restaurant (08)7994288
Puyuwan (08)7993096
Package tours by travel agency:   Jinxi Travel Agency
Shopping info: 1. Rinari Tribe offers indigenous handicrafts classes and sells handicrafts and souvenirs. Please call them at 0920-042738 (Ms. Hsu) or 0925-043288 (Mr. Lee).
  2. Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Culture Park also sells indigenous handicrafts and souvenirs. Tel: (08)7991219.
  3. Sandimen Indigenous Museum has a travel info station (Tel: (08)7992568). Visitors may purchase indigenous handicrafts, local agricultural products and other souvenirs at the museum. Indigenous handicrafts classes are held, too.
Others: 1. Dageifa Gourmet Restaurant only serves clients who make advance reservations.
Please reserve a place at (08)7993395.
  2. Weiyi Coffee House is closed on Tuesdays. Tel: (08)7993676.
Itinerary details:  

Recommended Travel Time

Recommended Sites


Liangshan Leisure Area



  Located at the southern tip of the Maolin National Scenic Area, Liangshan is a spacious site featuring a waterfall, a camping zone and a scenic park. Of course, the Majia Visitor Center is here to provide visitors with complete travel info. Park lots, performance venues and hiking trails an also be found. Austronesian weddings are held annually in Liangshan and they have been popular among visitors in the recent years. As an old romantic song goes, the Liangshan Waterfall is worth a visit. Take the mountain highway and cross through the Liangshan Tunnel. Soon you’ll find the beautiful waterfall that rushes down from a steep rock wall and surrounded by overlapping mountains. The waterfall seems to make rumbling sounds as it splashes out water all the time.

Special services:
1. Wheelchairs and accessible toilets
2. Guided tours


Rinari Tribe, Majia



  After Typhoon Morakot devastated the Pingtung region in August 2009, with assistance from the county government and World Vision, the old Majia Farm was renovated to be a combined place for residents of three villages, Majia in Majia Township, Haocha in Wutai Township and Xiangda in Sandimen Township to stay. The farm was then renamed as “Rinari,” meaning “where people go.” Building new homes is not an easy task. Still, the Rinari residents all work hard to make their cultures grow and prosper again. Today, presenting the historical traditions of three tribes at once, Rinari has become a place of culture, art and nature. Why not come and take a look at how the Rinari residents used their creativity to revive tribal traditions and develop this new settlement?

Special services: guided tours


Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Park




Located by the Yiliao River, the Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Park is an outdoor museum full of indigenous passion and charm. It retains the original cultural views of Taiwan’s 16 tribes, and therefore if you take a stroll in the park you shall easily get a comprehensive view of the geography, social systems, ways of life, customs and cultures of Taiwan’s indigenous peoples.

Other than showing the indigenous peoples’ houses and everyday objects, there is also a 360˚ multi-media display on the lives of the tribal people. Remarkable indigenous dance and singing can be appreciated in the park, and folk events are also held from time to time. Remember to take the park’s hiking trail that gives you a lovely bird-eye-view of stone, bamboo and wood houses and indigenous carvings popping up in a lush green forest. Indigenous elements can truly be discovered at every corner of the park.

Opening hours: 08:30-17:00 Tuesdays to Sundays; closed on Mondays (except on national holidays) Dance and singing: 10:30 and 15:00 on Tuesdays to Fridays; 10:30, 14:00 and 16:00 on weekends and holidays


Special services:
1. Wheelchairs and accessible toilets and round-the-park cars
2. Guided tours 3. Free admission to elders aged 65 or more