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Dewen Ecological Tours


Dewen is called Tikuvulu in the tribal language, meaning “barren land”

Dewen is called Tikuvulu in the tribal language, meaning “a barren land.” Located at the upstream of Beiyiliao River, the tribe boasts a magnificent view of Dawu and Jiamu villages in the nearby Wutai Township, in addition to Wutou and Damumu Mountains in the east. During the Japanese Rule, Dewen was even the mountain capital of the area’s tribes. The Japanese even built the Dewen Higher Education Institute and a regional agricultural research center in appreciation that the Dewen chieftain saved some Japanese people’s lives. The road to Dewen is crooked but full of beautiful scenery. You shall find a warrior statue receiving guests at the tribe’s entrance, with his head high up. The many totem walls in the tribe tell stories of Dewen. This is a beautiful indigenous town hidden among mists and clouds…


Dewen Coffee


Dewen’s climate and soil are great for growing coffee. Also, because the tribe becomes misty everyday in the afternoon due to altitude, Dewen Coffee is of superb quality and its history even dates back to 1884 during the Japanese Rule. Japanese people used to grow Arabica coffee trees in the tribe and the beans received the silver prize from a world-level competition. Hence Dewen coffee was once listed as product that could be dedicated to the Japanese emperor. Pitifully, the tribe’s coffee industry declined in later years and the beans were neglected. It was only recently after coffee became a popular drink in Taiwan that Dewen coffee emerged again. In the past, coffee symbolized colonialism because colonialists liked to exploit their colonies by growing economic crops like coffee. Yet today the situation is different. Many of the Dewen residents produce fair-trade coffee beans. So far, the tribe’s coffee trees have covered more than 30 hectares of land, and tribal coffee brands are many. Along Dewen’s “coffee trail” are roughly 20 hundred-year-old coffee trees left from the Japanese Rule. The trees are the tribe’s treasures and the residents are devoted to protecting them.



Dewen Tribe Ecological Tours

1-day Tour

  • Glass beads DIY class at Dragonfly B&B
  • Guided tour at Delai Park
  • Tribal meal at Dewen Tribe
  • Coffee experience
  • Hunters’ trail
  • Japanese Fort
  • Home-coming
德文部落,紅肉李 德文部落,咖啡

2-day Tour
Day 1

  • Timur tribal tour
  • Glass beads class at Dragonfly B&B
  • Indigenous meal
  • Guided tour at Delai Park
  • Coffee experience
  • Tribal dinner at Dewen Tribe
  • Shower time

Day 2

  • Breakfast
  • Flower wreaths experience
  • Hunters’ trail
  • Japanese fort
  • Archery
  • Pick up glass beads from yesterday at Dragonfly B&B
  • Home-coming


Contact Info

Timur Cultural Industry and Arts Association
Tel: 08-7997419
Facebook: Dewen Tribe Ecological Tours