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The Resounding Sounds of Fawan Tribe


The Sun and the Moon laid  their eggs in Paiwan’s place  of origin, and when the eggs  were hatched there popped up a  man and a woman, the ancestors of Paiwan

According to a Paiwan legend, one day in prehistoric times, the Sun and the Moon came down to the Earth from the Sky and each laid an egg in Paiwan’s place of origin. A man and a woman later popped out from the eggs and became ancestors of Paiwan. The man was called Saljimlj and the woman was Savatjuljayan. Saljimlj was brave and strong, and he possessed superb handicrafts-making skills. Graceful Savatjuljayan used her melodious singing to make new babies who soon grew into the members of Paiwan. Saljimlj then taught everything he knew to the tribal people. Today, Fawan is a major Paiwan community and even the largest in the Vuculj region. It is also where nose flutes were invented.


Fawan Tribal Tours

1-day Tour

  • Meet-up at shuttle station
  • Traditional “fire-crossing” blessing ceremony
  • Guest reception
  • Indigenous meal
  • DIY class (choose either flower wreaths, pink-porcelain-lily-leaf handicrafts-making, or leather carving)
  • Old Fawan tribal tour (stone houses)
  • Home-coming
筏灣部落風味餐 筏灣部落


Contact Info

Paiwan Community Development Association, Majia Township, Pingtung County
Tel: 08-7990143