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Dalai Tribe Ecological Tours


Dalai Tribe’s “breathing houses”

Dawadawang, a northern Paiwan tribe that’s over a century old, is known for its stone houses. Made with stone plates, these beautiful houses are the best examples of indigenous people’s amazing architectural skills. It is said these organic houses can “breathe,” and they do reflect many an aspect of the Paiwan culture and wisdom of life. The old Dalai tribe is an ecological treasure land itself, and therefore Dalai ecological tours have become a major tourism item over the last few years. The residents hope to promote their tribal culture from rather different point of views!


Dalai Tribe Ecological Tours

1-day Tour

  • Meet up at Sandimen Township Office Square
  • Arrival at Dalai Suspension Bridge by shuttle bus
  • 1-hour guided tour along Dalai Hiking Trail
  • Tribal kitchen
  • Indigenous meal
  • Children’s play
  • Archery
  • 1-hour walk in mysterious Dawadawang, the old town of stones
達來部落 達來部落

2-day Tour
Day 1

  • Glass beads class at Dragonfly B&B
  • Dawadawang Church tour
  • Shuttle bus to Dalai Suspension Bridge
  • 1-hour walk along the Dalai Hiking Trail
  • Tribal kitchen
  • Lunch
  • Check-in at stone houses
  • Night walk in Dawadawang or campfire party
  • Shower time

Day 2

  • Breakfast
  • Children’s play
  • Archery
  • 1-hour walk in an old town of stones
  • Walk down the mountain, back to Sandmen by shuttle bus (and pick up glass beads from the previous day)
達來部落 達來部落


Contact Info

Timur Cultural Industry and Arts Association
Tel: 08-7997419
Facebook: Dalai Tribe Ecological Tours