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Local Weather: Maolin Districtoccasional showers or thunderstorms25°C

Location: Situated on the way to Duona Village, the mountain is shaped like a Hundred Pace Snake winding along the side of Jhuokou River. It is located at the 12 km marker of Kaohsiung Rural Route No. 132. .

Shetoushan, also known as Snake Head Mountain, is located opposite of Longtoushan, and they both have the unique topographical qualities created by a meandering stream. Over time, deposits of earth and stones pile up and become a part of the mountains, creating landforms that resemble the head and tongue of a hundred-pace snake today. Geologists take interest in this phenomenon and these mountains set perfect examples of topography produced by meandering stream in Taiwan. The time it takes to travel from Kaohsiung City to this area is only 1.5hr, and numerous visitors come for walks and other outdoor activities during the weekends.


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The Hundred Pace Snake symbolizes the ancient spirit of the Rukai Tribe. Rukai legends claim that their people are descended from this snake, so the snake is considered highly esteemed and plays an important role in their traditional culture.

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WGS84 (N) 22.9072858
(E) 120.695379

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