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Dajin Waterfall

Local Weather: Sandimen Townshipoccasional showers or thunderstorms25°C

Location: From County Route No. 185, follow the posted signs marking a mountain road to the Dajin Scenic Area. Dajin Waterfall is inside the Dajin Scenic Area. 

Dajin Waterfall is also called “Dawu Waterfall“, “Weiliao Waterfall”, or “Xinfeng Waterfall”. There are five falls in Dajin Waterfall.

The first and second falls: Descending over a 20-meter-height vertical cliff and surrounded by shady trees and cool mist, the silk-like falls fascinate visitors. Following steps up to the pavilion, you can enjoy the extraordinary scene of Pingtung County.
The third to fifth falls: These three falls locate deep in the forest, with fewer visitors. Stay cautious to surrounding and better with full equipment.

How to get there

Take the bus of Passenger Co. bound for Maolin from Pingdong Train Station to get off at Eliao Village and walk according to the direction of the sign marks to reach the destination.

Take the bus bound for Maolin from Pingtung Train Station to get off at Eliao Village and walk according to the direction of the posted signs to reach the destination.

Map of the location

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