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In order to reduce the risk of accidents when travelling, please read the safety guidelines before the travel and follow the regulations of the scenic areas.

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In-depth visit to indigenous tribes where you can experience first-hand folk customs and beautiful scenery, explore indigenous culture and spirit, listen to the stories of local people and enjoy a completely different experience.!

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A live visual feast and an immersive experience of amazingly beautiful scenery in Maolin!!

Taoyuan District

Taoyuan is located at the foot of southern Mount Jade (Yushan) of the Central Mountains. The topography of the area is characterized by many high forested mountains, and includes geographical features such as valleys, precipices, hot springs, and suspension bridges. The area was once home to an aboriginal tribe called Yaer, also known as Jialameng. During the Japanese colonial period, the town was named Yaer before it was renamed Taoyuan after the recession of Taiwan. The construction of the Southern Cross-Island Highway that runs through the town has brought progress and prosperity to this region. The attractions, particularly the areas surrounding Guan Mountain and Yakou, are ideal places for enjoying the dramatic scenery. Taoyuan District is one of the mountain areas that contains the highest number of waterfalls and hot springs in Kaohsiung.

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Liouguei District

Liouguei District is a beautiful valley in middle east Kaohsiung City, on the west bank of Laonong River. It is a land of alluvial soil, and running from south to north, the area is shaped like a long squash. It is rich in natural resources, with mountains and forests occupying 3/5 of the total area. The district provides numerous recreational activities as it has luxuriant forests as well as the highest number of hot springs among other hot spring attractions in Taiwan. Liouguei District is also rich in agricultural products, including famous specialties such as Jinhuang mangoes, Black Diamond Wax apples, Jinhuang tea, red plums, and much more. The Southern Cross-Island Highway runs through Laonong, Yuchun, and Baolai, and provides convenience for visitors who want to travel to other areas.

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Maolin District

Maolin District is situated in eastern Kaohsiung City, in an area covered mostly by virgin forest. The Jhuokou River, which originates from the Malishan Creek in the Central Mountains, cuts through the entire region. In addition to the scenic views of nearby peaks in the Central Mountain Range, the Maolin area has many distinctive natural features, including waterfalls, gorges, mountain streams, forests teeming with native wildlife, and active hot springs. Visitors can enjoy activities such as hiking, camping, mountain climbing, river trekking, white-water rafting, bird and butterfly watching, and bathing at a hot spring, and much more. Maolin offers many cultural sightseeing as well. The area is one of the homelands of the Rukai aboriginal people, whose traditional slate houses, refined arts and handicrafts, hand-built suspension bridges, and colorful rituals and ceremonies are all points of interest for visitors.

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Sandimen Township

Sandimen Township possesses striking landscapes, verdant mountains and winding rivers, plus the rich culture of the Paiwan and Rukai Tribes. It is the biggest township in the area. The geographical name comes from the Paiwan language – it was known as Sandimen in the Japanese colonial period and officially named Sandimen Township in 1992.

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Wutai Township

Wutai Township is the highest township in Pingtung County, and the hometown of Rukai aboriginal people. Rukai culture abounds with artifacts, including traditional slate houses and traditional arts, such as knitting and stone carving are practiced. There is a street of art shops for visitors. Wutai also offers waterfalls, quiet valleys, ecological sightseeing, countryside scenery and flower gardens. At Old Haocha, traditional houses, an ancient spirit house, stone posts and other relics are preserved. This is the only aboriginal site in Taiwan selected as second-class national monument. Spend a night at home stays and hostels here and experience the aboriginal way of living in mountain. Wutai is also a great place for hiking and sightseeing.

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Majia Township

Majia Township is the “Majia Zaya Zaya“ of the West Paiwan Tribe. In the Paiwan language, it means ‘inclined slope’. After the restoration of Taiwan in 1945, local tribes were assigned a village to live in. the villages were then renamed: Maka Jhayajha was renamed Majia; Masyulide was renamed Beiye; Wakaba was renamed Liangshan; and Kajhagei Langan was renamed Jiayi. Majia Township now includes Beiye Village, Liangshan Village, Jiayi Village, Paiwan Village, Majia Village, Sanhe Village, and others.

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