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Maolin National Scenic AreaShopping & BedsTransportationXinWei Visitor Center
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Travel Spots
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XinWei Visitor Center

Public Transportation

1. Kaohsiung Train Station

2. THSR Zuoying Station

  • From THSR Zuoying Stop of Kaohsiung Bus, take Qijin-Meinong Highway E01. Get off at Qishan Terminal Stop of Kaohsiung Bus.
  • Bus Routes & Timetable →
  • From Qishan Terminal Stop of Kaohsiung Bus, take Joy Bus H31. Get off at Miaopu Stop of Kaohsiung Bus.
  • Bus Routes & Timetable →

By cars

1. Kaohsiung Branch / National Highway 10 → Kaohsiung County Road 140 → (northbound) Qiping 1st Road → Turn right for Yanping 2nd Road / Provincial Highway 28 → Provincial Highway 28 → Arriving at the destination

2. Provincial Highway 27 → (18K) Turn left at Chanye Road / Provincial Highway 27 → Turn right for Xingzhong Road / Provincial Highway 27 → Along Provincial Highway 27, drive to Liugui → Turn left at Xinwei Bridge / Provincial Highway 28 → Turn left for Sanmin Road → Arriving at Xinwei Forest Park

Last Update:2022-03-03

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