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Liouguei District


Liouguei District is a beautiful valley in middle east Kaohsiung City, on the west bank of Laonong River. It is a land of alluvial soil, and running from south to north, the area is shaped like a long squash. It is rich in natural resources, with mountains and forests occupying 3/5 of the total area. The district provides numerous recreational activities as it has luxuriant forests as well as the highest number of hot springs among other hot spring attractions in Taiwan. Liouguei District is also rich in agricultural products, including famous specialties such as Jinhuang mangoes, Black Diamond Wax apples, Jinhuang tea, red plums, and much more. The Southern Cross-Island Highway runs through Laonong, Yuchun, and Baolai, and provides convenience for visitors who want to travel to other areas.

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