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Majia Township


Majia Township is the “Majia Zaya Zaya“ of the West Paiwan Tribe. In the Paiwan language, it means ‘inclined slope’. After the restoration of Taiwan in 1945, local tribes were assigned a village to live in. the villages were then renamed: Maka Jhayajha was renamed Majia; Masyulide was renamed Beiye; Wakaba was renamed Liangshan; and Kajhagei Langan was renamed Jiayi. Majia Township now includes Beiye Village, Liangshan Village, Jiayi Village, Paiwan Village, Majia Village, Sanhe Village, and others.

Majia Township has picturesque scenery and waterfalls. The most representative spots are the Indigenous Culture Park and Liangshan Waterfall: The Jioufawan group of the Paiwan tribe are the original inhabitants of Majia Township and the town is alive with Indigenous culture.

The Indigenous Culture Park covers about 83 hectares, with typical aboriginal buildings of nine tribes, crafts, and costumes. These, along with the lifestyles, are the themes of the exhibition. The park features the customs and the traditions of the tribes. You may also try handicrafts work, as well as local cuisines and folk activities. The park provides a rich assortment of aboriginal culture to visitors.

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