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Delicacies and Delights Half-Day Trips Route A

With a trip theme of tasting local organic and healthy food, admire the Shihba Luohanshan along the way, and then head for a tour of temples. Finally, arrive at the “Wood Forest Vanilla Garden”, a multi-themed vanilla park organized by a group of nature loving artists. Here, the themes of organic delights and garden scenes resonate in harmony.

  • Day 1

  • Shihba Luohanshan
    Shihba Luohanshan

    Shihba Luohanshan (Eighteen Buddhist Disciples Mountain) is also known as Huoyanshan (Mountain of Flames). It is considered as one of the most beautiful spots in Liouguei District. In geological terms, the mountain is formed from a thick layer of gravel. When the gravel is permeated by water, it erodes more rapidly and may cause frequent avalanches. Downward erosion in some areas has led to alternating steep and high sections, resulting in its strange topography, which resembles eighteen figures of Buddhist disciples.

  • Diyuan Temple
    Diyuan Temple

    The Diyuan Temple is a branch of the Yuanzhao Temple. It is located on the side of the Kaohsiung County Highway No. 131 in Liugui District, facing the Laonong River while resting against the mountain ranges behind. The Diyuan Temple is a palace-like temple complex formed by multiple elegant small temples. The main temple boasts a relief mural art created by experienced craftsmen from China, Japan, and Korea. There are also many sculptures in the complex, such as a camphor sculpture of a reclining Buddha, which can be found in the main temple and is said to be the largest in Southeast Asia. Other examples include five hundred stone arhat sculptures with different expressions and postures on the temple plaza.

  • Miaochong Temple
    Miaochong Temple

    The Miao Chong Temple consists of seven Chinese-style temple buildings arranged to form a Chinese palace-like structure. Each temple building features two floors, a hipped roof with upward-bending corners, pillars decorated with Indian rubies, marble walls, and rails; such design is said to be rare around the world.

  • Wood Forest Vanilla Garden
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