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Maolin National Scenic AreaItinerariesSuggested ToursDelicacies and DelightsDelicacies and Delights Half-Day Trips Route A
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Delicacies and Delights Half-Day Trips Route A

With a trip theme of tasting local organic and healthy food, admire the Shihba Luohanshan along the way, and then head for a tour of temples. Finally, arrive at the “Wood Forest Vanilla Garden”, a multi-themed vanilla park organized by a group of nature loving artists. Here, the themes of organic delights and garden scenes resonate in harmony.

  • Day 1

  • Shihba Luohanshan
    Shihba Luohanshan

    Shihba Luohanshan (Eighteen Buddhist Disciples Mountain) is also known as Huoyanshan (Mountain of Flames). It is considered as one of the most beautiful spots in Liouguei District. In geological terms, the mountain is formed from a thick layer of gravel. When the gravel is permeated by water, it erodes more rapidly and may cause frequent avalanches. Downward erosion in some areas has led to alternating steep and high sections, resulting in its strange topography, which resembles eighteen figures of Buddhist disciples.

  • Diyuan Temple
    Diyuan Temple

    Diyuan Temple is located at Kaohsiung County Road 131, near the Colorful Butterfly Valley. The temple serves the Gods Buddha and Ksitigarbha. It is a branch of Yuanzhao Temple, and is one of the three largest temples in Liouguei. Many believers come to the temple every day, offering plenty of incenses.

  • Miaochong Temple
    Miaochong Temple

    This building was relocated in 1984 and offers peaceful environment for enjoying the scenic Laonong River.

  • Wood Forest Vanilla Garden
  • Home

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