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  • Day 1

  • Meilu Ecological Park
    Wheel chair:1 Accessible recharging station:1 Accessible toilets:3 Accessible parking lot:1

    Located in Shishan Neighborhood, Meinong District, the Meilu Ecological Park has a vast number of native trees and plants that attract butterflies and birds. The owner even breeds several kinds of butterflies in the park so that visitors can enjoy nature more. The three-hectare ecological park is equipped with meeting halls, DIY classrooms, camping areas, and various gardens featuring butterflies, medicinal plants, herbal plants and water plants. The park’s restaurant is accessible to physically challenged visitors. This leisurely place is sure to bring you some pressure-free vacation time.

  • Xinwei Forest Park
    Xinwei Forest Park
    Accessible toilets:1 Accessible parking lots:1

    The Xinwei Forest Park sits on a tableland on the west bank of the Laonong River, around the 45km mark of the Provincial Highway No. 28. Since it is 200 meters above sea level, visitors can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the Central Mountain Range and Laonong River below. The forest park used to be the biggest seedling plantation in Taiwan and covered an area of about 29 hectares. It is now home to more than 200 kinds of seedlings, mostly tropical plants. Mahogany, bamboo, and Chinese fir seedlings are most commonly seen in the plantation.

    The whole park is covered in green during spring and summer, but between the end of winter and the beginning of spring, you will see a 2km long red-and-yellow corridor standing out, and that is the park’s famous Mahogany Avenue. During the transition between the two seasons, Mahogany trees lining the two sides of the avenue will turn red and yellow, creating an exotic view that attracts many couples to come for leisurely walks. The avenue is also a popular destination for taking wedding photos.

  • Tiantai Temple, Shenwei Tiantai Mountain
    Tiantai Temple, Shenwei Tiantai Mountain
    Wheel chairs:8 Accessible recharging station:1 Accessible toilets:2 Accessible parking lots:6

    Shenwei Tiantai Temple is the largest Yiguandao temple in Taiwan. Located near the 14km mark of the Provincial Highway No. 27, the temple compound covers an area of over 300 hectares. The temple complex consists of a front, middle, and rear temple, which shines brightly under the sunlight and radiates solemnity. The Buddha statues sitting inside the temple are carved out from the largest white jade in Asia. They are held up by a table made of a hundred-year-old Cinnamomum camphora. The Buddha statues are so heavy that their pedestals were fortified before being placed on the wooden table, and they even entered the Guinness World Records for their sizes.

  • Baolai Visitor Center
    Baolai Visitor Center
    Accessible toilet:1 Accessible parking lot:1

    Baolai and Bulao of Liouguei are famous for their quality hot springs and beautiful scenery. The hot springs of Baolai and Bulao originate in the same region, and therefore they have the same kind of odorless, smell-less carbonate spring water that stays at about 60 Celsius degrees all year round. Both Baolai and Bulao boast a variety of hot spring pools for visitors to choose from, such as outdoor SPA, medicinal, aroma-therapy and massage pools, as well as indoor Japanese or Bali-style personal baths. Plum flowers which come into full bloom in the depth of winter always make Baolai and Bulao more mesmerizing. A winter festival entitled “Whispering Flowers in Mountain Town” is held to celebrate such beautiful views, and the two towns’ frequenters always come back at this time of a year to invigorate their hot spring memories. Be sure to try Baolai and Bulao’s plum dishes after taking hot spring baths. Plums’ sweet-sour taste gives a refreshing taste to the food. Beside the Baolai Old Tree Square is the Baolai Visitor Center that provides visitors with travel info and a place to rest. As its name suggests, the square is characterized by precious old trees, in addition to an amazing overlook-view of the Laonong River Valley and nearby mountains and hills. The square is also the winter festival’s main venue. During festival time, the square is always crowded with people.

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Tianliao Interchange, National Highway 3 → Provincial Highway 28 → To Qishan & Meinong
Jiuru Interchange, National Highway 3 → Provincial Highway 3 to Ligang → Provincial Highway 22 to Gaoshu → Provincial Highway 27
Exit at Qiwei, National Highway 10 → Kaohsiung Highway 140 → Provincial Highway 22 to Liouguei

Accessible Taxi Services
Accessible M-Taxi, Kaohsiung

24-hour booking hotline: (07)724-1111

M-Taxi uses good German cars to offer its physically and mentally challenged passengers five-star services. Its accessible services are available around the clock to elders, pregnant women and more. Discounts are offered to holders of the city’s special identity cards for the mentally and physically challenged: An NT$18 discount when NT$100 or less is spent, an NT$36 discount when NT$101-200 is spent, and an NT$54 discount when NT$201 or more is spent. Customer service hotline: (07)2255000.

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