Diyuan Temple

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Liouguei District

Occasional showers(Liouguei District)


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    Diyuan Temple

The Diyuan Temple is a branch of the Yuanzhao Temple. It is located on the side of the Kaohsiung County Highway No. 131 in Liugui District, facing the Laonong River while resting against the mountain ranges behind. The Diyuan Temple is a palace-like temple complex formed by multiple elegant small temples. The main temple boasts a relief mural art created by experienced craftsmen from China, Japan, and Korea. There are also many sculptures in the complex, such as a camphor sculpture of a reclining Buddha, which can be found in the main temple and is said to be the largest in Southeast Asia. Other examples include five hundred stone arhat sculptures with different expressions and postures on the temple plaza.

Visitors are recommended to spend around an hour in the complex and check out its unique sculpture exhibition hall and fine arts museum. 

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Mt. climbingPilgrimageForest bath


No. 11-1, Hung Shuei Keng, Liugui Dist., Kaohsiung City



Traffic Information

1. By car: From National Highway 10, take Qishan Interchange onto Provincial Highway 28. Pass through Qishan and Meinong and switch to Provincial Highway 27 A. Drive through Liugui and take Kaohsiung County Road 131.
2. Public transport: Take the Kaohsiung Bus and get off at Liugui Bus Terminal. Then, take a taxi to arrive at the temple.

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.63805/23.01013
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    Diyuan Temple
    4.5 4stars 1451 reviews
    Wei C
    3stars 10 months ago

    This enormous temple's ground appeared to be too big and vast to be well maintained. Many exterior details were neglected from the combination of aging and exposure. The two cartoon figures in front of the main hall were definitely something out of place and unexpected to see there. However, the laying Buddha in the back hall was absolutely beautiful and inspiring.

    Chen 陳Wei-Hsin 維新
    5stars a year ago

    A very good temple.

    Paul Hsu
    5stars a year ago

    Here are the main Buddha God of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, the temple are surrounded by green mountain and river. Specially

    Cheng Tsai
    5stars a month ago

    Master will warmly introduce a solemn and resplendent temple. From the outside to the inside, the walls and ceiling are all sculpted step by step by national treasure-level teachers, which is amazing. There is also an art gallery inside, and there is the famous One Word One Shami. If you are tired from shopping, you can take a break and have an afternoon tea at the Jing tea room. The exterior of some halls is being renovated. The magnetic field here is good, and you can stay here for 2-3 hours. Let the body and mind relax, and don't miss the famous reclining Buddha. The degree of grandeur and delicacy is not inferior to the temples in the urban area.

    Leem490 M
    5stars a month ago

    Bodhisattvas in the mountains 🈚️ are everywhere It is the most beautiful place on the Internet Especially the door eyebrows of the main hall can see Mountain Luan stacked together in the distance Plus the change of water vapor! It's so beautiful!

    Last Update:2022-07-14

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