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Diyuan Temple

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Liouguei District

(Liouguei District)


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    Diyuan Temple

Diyuan Temple is located at Kaohsiung County Road 131, near the Colorful Butterfly Valley. The temple serves the Gods Buddha and Ksitigarbha. It is a branch of Yuanzhao Temple, and is one of the three largest temples in Liouguei. Many believers come to the temple every day, offering plenty of incenses.

The architecture of the temple combines both traditional and modern aspects. The main building is designed to look like a sincere and yet powerful palace. Its roof and pillars are adorned with unique and artistic colorful graphics. The outdoor square is occupied with 500 bluestone Arhat sculptures. Each Arhat sculpture has a different posture and facial expression. They are designed to look like real people.

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HikingSight seeingOutingMt. climbingPilgrimageForest bath


No. 11-1, Hung Shuei Keng, Liugui Dist., Kaohsiung



Traffic Information

1. By car: From National Highway 10, take Qishan Interchange onto Provincial Highway 28. Pass through Qishan and Meinong and switch to Provincial Highway 27 A. Drive through Liugui and take Kaohsiung County Road 131. 2. Public transport: Take the Kaohsiung Bus and get off at Liugui Bus Terminal. Then, take a taxi to arrive at the temple.

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.63805/23.01013
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    Diyuan Temple
    4.5 4stars 818 reviews
    may may
    5stars 3 months ago

    The epidemic relationship is tentatively scheduled to open on September 1. Please reconfirm before you go, so as not to make a trip in vain. 😭

    5stars a week ago

    華麗又莊嚴,值得一看。 感覺是寺廟升級版,讓人驚艷。 玉石畫讓人印象深刻,廟宇天花板是手繪,超漂亮。

    5stars 2 weeks ago

    Great place👍 The painted tones on the building are very comfortable The temple is full of cypress incense☺️ The coffee shop is also a very good point😆

    5stars a month ago

    This temple has been built with my family since I was young in our country until I graduated from university. It has not been completely built. It has been built for more than 10 years. It is quite fierce, but many people have come to visit recently. The overall color is very bright and the appearance is very eye-catching in a blue-green style. The main building is the golden Tathagata and the 33 Guanyin statues at the back. Zun Tathagata just hasn't opened its seal yet (because it hasn't been sorted out yet) The natural scenery in front of the main building cannot be seen due to construction In addition, there are 108 statues of heroes and 18 arhats, as well as the Yishikan (50 yuan for children and 100 yuan for adults) for cleaning fees. There is also an art gallery to visit. (The funny thing is that there is a stone statue and a bunch of children playing with Maitreya Buddha. As a result, a child put his hand in Maitreya Buddha’s belly button. What is it like?) Personal suggestion is to wait until the temple is completely covered and organized before going to it is more appropriate 👍👍👍 (In addition, on the cloth strips and triangular pyramids in the Diyuan Temple, the words Enzhao Temple are printed. I just googled it. It turns out that the Diyuan Temple is a branch of the Enzhao Temple.🤣🤣🤣)

    fang wuu
    4stars 2 months ago

    On the way to go, we passed through the eighteen arhats mountain, the gravel was washed away by different cementation and exposed dozens of towering peaks, like arhats with different expressions and actions, standing among the quiet mountains. The protagonist, Diyuan Temple, opened the view through the gate, and the large palace-style temple architecture came into view. The collections of art museums and stone art museums are very interesting. The exhibitions are: Li Xiaokun’s ink and woodcut works and Huang Renyi’s elegant stone collection, both of which have refreshing artistic ingenuity; Mr. Li reuses driftwood to adapt to the gaps and textures in the wood. It is a hollow hole that can become the body of a vase. The bright wood cuts a dark color across it and becomes a plane for the little novices to sit on. The other half is a pond with floating lotus leaves, giving a new definition to the original imperfections. It is full of fun; the museum also contains calligraphy works, neat and messy styles are distributed in the space decoration, and sometimes they are displayed in a row.

    Last Update:2021-11-30

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