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Maolin National Scenic AreaItinerariesSuggested ToursMountain Climbing and HikingMountain Climbing and Hiking Half-Day Trips Route B
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Mountain Climbing and Hiking Half-Day Trips Route B

Visit the newly built Sinwei Scenic Bridge, where the pillars have been created from the unique inspiration of the Purple Crow Butterfly. Gaze towards the horizon and you will see that the bridge looks like a Purple Crow dancing about the Laonong Stream riverbank. Later on visit the Sinwei Forest Park and take a walk along the natural corridor that changes with the seasons. The sights here are like poetry, and you’ll be surrounded in a romantic atmosphere.

  • Day 1

  • Xinwei Scenic Bridge
    Xinwei Scenic Bridge

    The bridge spans along the Laonong Stream and is located between Liouguei Bridge and Dajin Bridge. It links the Provincial Roads 27 and 28.It also links Meinong, Liouguei and Maolin in Kaohsiung City with Gaoshu and Dajin in Pingtung County. If visitors plan on traveling between different places in Kaohsiung City, they should keep in mind that the length of the bridge takes up approximately 30 minutes of traveling time.

  • Shenwei Tiantaishan Monastery
    Shenwei Tiantaishan Monastery

    Shenwei Tiantaishan Monastery is located on Provincial Highway 28. Its expansive grounds cover over 720 acres of land. The main building is divided into three separate halls, the front hall, middle hall, and rear hall. The roof is covered in gold-plated glass tiles, giving it a splendorous impression of a royal palace.

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