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Flavors of Indigenous Homelands One Day Trips Route A

Gaining a deeper understanding of Bunun culture is the main purpose of this tour. This is a beautiful trip that combines nature and humanity.

  • Day 1

  • Miaotong Temple
    Miaotong Temple

    The Miaotong Temple is on Baojian Road in Baolai Village of Liugui District. It is the most popular Buddhist temple in the region, and many pilgrims visit there during weekends or holidays.The towering temple features an orange roof and white building, which stands in sharp contrast with the lush green mountains in the background. Flowers and trees dotted around the temple building, and everything on the temple ground is neatly ordered, creating a place that reminds people of the Buddhist paradise.

  • Baolai Visitor Center (Old Tree Square)
  • Bunun Cultural Exhibition Center
    Bunun Cultural Exhibition Center

    The Bunun Culture Exhibition Center sits right beside the Meishan Visitor Center in Taoyuan District. It is set up and managed by the Yushan National Park Office. The center features a wide variety of displays demonstrating different aspects of Bunun culture, ranging from relics to traditional ceremonies, textiles and clothing, construction and transportation, as well as crafts, which help to deepen visitors’ understanding of the characteristics and customs of Bunun culture.

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