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Mountain Climbing and Hiking Two Day Trips Route A

You will see the Strength and Endurance Challenge of the most famous hiking and mountain climbing path of southern Taiwan. Head towards the training facility at Weiliaoshan to test your limits and show your strength and endurance. Finally, while taking a walk within beautiful mountain forests, you may gaze at the grand sight of mountains and clouds and feel the balance between activeness and stillness.

  • Day 1

  • Weiliao Mountain Trail
    Weiliao Mountain Trail

    Weiliao Mountain, 1,427 meters high and close to Dajin Bridge, is on the border of Sandimen Township in Pingtung and Maolin District in Kaohsiung City. Some climbers consider Weiliao Mountain the training base before giving a challenge to the 100 peaks of Taiwan.

  • Dajin Waterfall
    Dajin Waterfall

    Dajin Waterfall is also called “Dawu Waterfall“, “Weiliao Waterfall”, or “Xinfeng Waterfall”. There are five falls in Dajin Waterfall.

  • Tianshan Hotel
  • Day 2

  • Sandimen Township
  • Home

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