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Mountain Climbing and Hiking Two Day Trips Route A

You will see the Strength and Endurance Challenge of the most famous hiking and mountain climbing path of southern Taiwan. Head towards the training facility at Weiliaoshan to test your limits and show your strength and endurance. Finally, while taking a walk within beautiful mountain forests, you may gaze at the grand sight of mountains and clouds and feel the balance between activeness and stillness.

  • Day 1

  • Weiliao Mountain Trail
    Weiliao Mountain Trail

    Overall, the Weiliaoshan Hiking Trail is classified as a challenging route. It normally takes seven to eight hours to walk through the trail, which is 9.3 kilometers in length. Weiliao Mountain is not only an optimal training ground for hikers, but it is also a great challenge for those who simply want to improve their stamina and resilience. That is also what helps the mountain win its place on the list of 100 Peaks of Taiwan.

  • Dajin Waterfall
    Dajin Waterfall

    The waterfall is about 20 meters in height, with water cascading down from the top vertically, like a piece of white silk hanging down from the cliff from above. The waterfall itself is divided into five tiers. The first two tiers can be easily accessed by a hiking trail with densely grown trees creating shades alongside, so the two tiers of waterfalls at the bottom attract many tourists. The valley accommodating the waterfall is narrow but surrounded by trees. Walking around, tourists can listen to the sound of flowing water and appreciate the magnificence of the waterfall. They can also walk to a pavilion on a high ground, where they can gaze at the green field of Pingtung, a picturesque sight that you don’t ever want to miss.

  • Tianshan Hotel
  • Day 2

  • Sandimen Township
  • Home

Last Update:2022-06-14

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