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Delicacies and Delights One Day Trips Route B

Get close to Indigenous life and savor the unique home-style delights of the aborigines. Through the cultural exchange of food, experience the lifestyle of the local people. The passionate service and mouth-watering delights here will be difficult to forget! * Requires a Mountain Pass — a special permit issued by the government.

  • Day 1

  • Gaoxiong
  • Sandimen Township
  • Bulugu
    Mountain Sausages-Bulugu

    "Bulu Valley" is also called "Indigenous Sausage", as the meaning of the Rukai word is to 'fill something in'. The food is similar to Chinese sausage, but the Bulu Valley ingredients and method of preparation are quite different. The meat stuffing is made of pig's blood cake and ground meat, mixed with taro powder and then stuffed into cleaned small intestines. Finally, it is twisted to seal the ends and put into a cauldron of boiling water or oil. Whether the "Bulu Valley" is eaten boiled or deep fried, the taste and smell of the taro powder will make this dish distinctive.
    Source: Kaohsiung City government

  • Zhongshan Park
    Zhongshan Park

    Zhongshan Park is located across the Sandimen Township Office, right at where a martyrs’ shrine used to be in the Japanese colonial era. The shrine complex was transformed into a park after Taiwan’s retrocession and is now a must-see for those visiting Sandimen for the first time.

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Last Update:2023-11-27

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