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Delicacies and Delights One Day Trips Route A

Besides beautiful and majestic mountains and streams, Maolin is also well known for its local delicacies. Plan for a trip of gourmet delights. Enjoy the seasonal Black Diamond Wax Apples and Golden Mangoes, taste the sweet and sour taste of jelly fig, or savor the unique plum dishes of the area. Countless specialty dishes here ensure that everyone will go home happy and full.

  • Day 1

  • Meinong- Hakka Delicacies
  • Jinsyuan Tea
    Liouguei Xinfa Village- Jinsyuan Tea

    The farmhouses on both sides of the street in Sinfa Village at Liouguei post signboards for tea factories and tea gardens everywhere, making it a "Township of Tea". Jinsyuan Tea of Liouguei is famous for its rich milky scent and unique flavor, making it a favorite among tea connoisseurs.
    Source:Kaohsiung Farmers' Association

  • Plums
    Baolai- Plum Declicacies

    Taoyuan Township has 800 hectares planted with plum trees. Every winter in plum blossom season, visitors come to enjoy the scenery with its white plum blossoms. From March to April, when plums begin to mature, fruit farmers are busy picking the harvest. If picked ten days before the harvest season, the plums are not ripe yet and must be processed as bitter plums. In the middle of April, the harvest is used to make wine, produce preserved plums and dried plums, etc. Plums are thus one of the most important economic resources of Taoyuan Township: They add natural beauty and help the tourism industry, and they're delicious, too!

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