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Admiring Arts and Crafts One Day Trips Route A

Through a day’s travel, learn about Indigenous traditional culture and get closer to the Indigenous lifestyle through glazed bead creations. Local artists combine traditional concepts into their artistic presentations. These beads of glass reflect the wisdom of the ancestors and allow deep emotions to be shared.

  • Day 1

  • Sandimen Handicraft Trail
    Sandimen Handicraft Trail

    In 2002, all villagers gathered together to create a 453-meter-long handcraft trail. 1,212 ceramic plates displayed along the trail were painted by elders and children. A walk on the trail is like a tour to the village’s handicraft workshops. Start with Oko Arts and Craft Studio and then go to Shataowu Workshop. The owner of the Shataowu workshop not only creates glass block prints, but also features the shop with dance from his eldest daughter, weaving work by his second daughter and coffee art by his third daughter.

  • Dihaning Clothing Workshop
  • Guliou Workshop
  • Home

Last Update:2022-06-13

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