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Shihba Luohanshan

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Liouguei District

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    Shihba Luohanshan

The Eighteen Arhats Mountain, collectively known as the three major volcanic landscapes in Taiwan with the Huoyan in Maoli and Jiujiufeng in Nantou, is situated in Liugui District, close to the 5km mark of the Provincial Highway No. 27.

The mountain, consisting of limestone with interstices of varying sizes, is easily sculpted by rainfall over time and shaped to look like 18 arhats striking different martial art postures with different facial expressions. Owing to the spectacular landscape described previously, the mountain is dubbed the Mini Guilin of Taiwan. The area features a variety of landforms, ranging from free-standing mountains to cuestas, steep cliffs, U-shaped valleys, canyons, meanders, tributaries, and dry valleys, which contribute to a rare combination that presents great educational value.

Given that the Eighteen Arhats Mountain is designated as a nature reserve, permits from the Pingtung Forest District Office are required to enter the mountain, so please remember to apply in advance. Visitors are recommended to spend one to two hours exploring the place. 

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Under the bridge is a clear little stream that is suitable for water recreational activities. In addition to the sounds of insects and birds, visitors might even find footprints belonging to Taiwanese macaques!


It is located at the 52km marker on Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 28, near Sinwei and midway of the six tunnels on Liouguei Rd.



Traffic Information

The intersection of the new and old paths is the beginning of Jioulong Baoshih. From there, enter the old route of Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 28. On the trip, visitors will be able to see the deep and mysterious Sixth Tunnel of Liugui.

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.63458/22.94436
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