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Shihba Luohanshan

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Liouguei District

Showers or thunderstorms(Liouguei District)


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144 reviews
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    Shihba Luohanshan

Location: It is located at the 52km marker on Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 28, near Sinwei and midway of the six tunnels on Liouguei Rd.

Shihba Luohanshan (Eighteen Buddhist Disciples Mountain) is also known as Huoyanshan (Mountain of Flames). It is considered as one of the most beautiful spots in Liouguei District. In geological terms, the mountain is formed from a thick layer of gravel. When the gravel is permeated by water, it erodes more rapidly and may cause frequent avalanches. Downward erosion in some areas has led to alternating steep and high sections, resulting in its strange topography, which resembles eighteen figures of Buddhist disciples.

Shihba Luohanshan is a protected area that shelters many rare and wild animals. Visitors may see red-bellied squirrels, macaques, etc.

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Under the bridge is a clear little stream that is suitable for water recreational activities. In addition to the sounds of insects and birds, visitors might even find footprints belonging to Taiwanese macaques!


Liugui Dist., Kaohsiung



Traffic Information

The intersection of the new and old paths is the beginning of Jioulong Baoshih. From there, enter the old route of Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 28. On the trip, visitors will be able to see the deep and mysterious Sixth Tunnel of Liugui.

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.63458/22.94436
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    Shihba Luohanshan
    4.2 4stars 144 reviews
    Bernard Schonne
    5stars 5 months ago

    Beautiful scenery

    C C
    5stars 2 months ago

    It's a good place to get off and take a rest. The scenery is beautiful and good for taking pictures. It's a pity that there are few things to eat, only simple meals. I bought dried mango and tasted it. It tastes good and I like it very much. There is a landscape bridge and a small tunnel that can be shaken, and the parking lot is just right out of the tunnel. I also saw someone applying for a guided tour.

    Shine Hsieh
    4stars 2 months ago

    2022.03.01 The tour group came here early the next morning no other tours feel good Less than half an hour around It's just the magnificent Eighteen Arhat Mountains. I don't know where to see it. After a circle, you can sit down and have a cup of coffee to watch the long river It's just that the Xonong Stream is drying up. Worried about the lack of water in summer~

    Carlos Yu
    5stars 3 months ago

    The landscape is natural and beautiful, the parking lot can rest and toilets, and the environment is clean and tidy

    5stars 4 months ago

    The Eighteen Arhat Mountains often pass by and haven’t visited it. Because I have been in the Eighteen Arhat Mountains before, the scenery is good, so I will give him 4 hearts and one more heart. After passing the Eighteen Arhat Mountains, I went to climb the mountain to play, so I praised the Eighteen Arhats Mountain with five stars.

    Last Update:2022-05-20

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