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Flavors of Indigenous Homelands One Day Trips Route B

Wutai Township is part of the Rukai tribal zone. Begin with the Guchuan Tribe and Rainbow Bridge Fish Watching Path, then head to the Shenshan Church and first Indigenous pathway- the stone slab alley art path, and finally to the Sandimen Dimoer Park. The smooth, progressive design of this plan will gradually speak to you of the lifestyle, culture, and traditional spirit of the Rukai.

  • Day 1

  • Sacred Heart of Jesus
    Sacred Heart of Jesus

    The Catholic Church was constructed of stone slabs, with the interior walls also laid out with large stone slabs. The important decorations here were made by artisans who carved designs on the slabs. The slabs were later set up by experienced architects. You should take a look at the chairs in the church. You will find them created in human-shape and designed to stare at the right side.

  • Yanban (Slate) Lane
    Yanban (Slate) Lane

    The entrance to these stone slab houses is quite small that most people have to bend over to enter. There is no cement pillar in the houses, as the houses are completely supported by the structure and position of the stone slabs. The size of the house is decided by the number of people in the family, with larger houses for larger families and vice versa.

  • Dimoer Park
    Dimoer Park

    Dimoer Park is an aboriginal forest park. There is a hunting zone at the right side of the park. When hunters successfully catch a mountain boar, they use the broadcast tower to tell villagers of this honor. After the hunt ends, there is a resting place for hunters to rest or cook their meals.

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