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Ecological Exploration Half-Day Trips Route A

The best period of time for this travel plan is during the Purple Crow Butterfly season from November to March. Many Purple Crow Butterflies come here to pass the winter, and visitors can use this opportunity to learn about the interaction between butterflies and human beings. Moreover, experiencing the Duona Suspension Bridge, Taiwan’s highest suspension bridge, will give you a thrill! Enjoy the beautiful scenery from the bridge! Last of all, capture the famous serpentine landforms and hill topography in the area with your cameras, as this is a world-class sight! This trip will be well worth it!

  • Day 1

  • Purple Butterfly Valley
    Purple Butterfly Valley

    Every winter, it is estimated that at least a million Euploeini butterflies glide on their purple wings to the holy mountain of Rukai and Paiwan Tribes in southern Taiwan and take shelter in warm valleys at the foot of Dawu Mountain. About six hundred thousand butterflies overwinter in "Purple Butterfly Valley", which is one of only two mass overwintering sites known in the world, along with the Monarch butterfly's overwintering site in Mexico. Purple Butterfly Valleys only exists in the medium and low altitude regions of Kaohsiung City, Pingtung County, Taitung County, and in the traditional homelands of the Paiwan and Rukai Tribes. At present there are about twenty butterfly gathering places known in Taiwan, and the Maolin area of Kaohsiung City alone is home to at least seven.

  • Duona High Suspension Bridge
    Duona High Suspension Bridge

    Location: It is located approximately 200m from the entrance to Meiya Valley at Longtoushan. A side road between Wanshan and Duona leads to this suspension bridge that is 232m long and 103m high.

  • Longtoushan

    Longtoushan, also known as Dragon Head Mountain, is about 22 hectares in area. It is also an unusual circular hill, with high mountains surrounding its three sides.

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