Longtoushan Leisure Area

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Maolin District

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    Longtoushan Leisure Area

Longtou Mountain (Longtoushan) can be found near the 12km mark of Kaohsiung County Highway No. 132 in Maolin. It covers an area of about 22 hectares and is surrounded by mountains on three sides. Longtoushan, literally Dragon Head Mountain in English, features a rare landform shaped by a river flowing through the region to resemble the shape of a humongous dragon lying on the ground, with the mountain range as its spine. Over time, the river sculpted the mountain and eventually cut it in half, making it look like a dragon spewing out pearls from afar and winning it a nickname “pearl-spewing dragon.” The mountain is also known as the ‘Eagle Valley’ for a large eagle population occupying its cliffs and valleys.

Besides eagles, Longtoushan is also popular with tourists, who are attracted by a weaving mountain trail that looks like a miniature Great Wall of China. It only takes half an hour to walk through the hiking trail, but you can also walk for another 30 minutes to the Duonagao Suspension Bridge, where you can appreciate the scenery of the valley below. 

Longtoushan Leisure Area
4.3 4stars 747 reviews
3stars 2 months ago

Don't come here if you're not driving, walking back to town is a killer in summer heat 😂 not much fauna in sight, but great mountain and stream view.

Johnson Sotto
5stars 3 months ago

Very nice view

5stars 6 months ago

This place is amazing.

4stars 4 months ago

It is suggested that you can walk from the parking lot of the recreational area to Wangfuya, and then walk to the square. There are uncles who are selling green grass, green grass tea, love jade, etc. The green grass tea is delicious, and then take the small Great Wall Trail, you can get to Dona High The suspension bridge, the scenery along the way is very good, but it is the same, about three kilometers back and forth, it is a good point to travel to Maolin.

4stars 5 months ago

Longtoushan Recreation Area has convenient parking (free of charge). The most famous one is the wooden plank road known as the Taiwan version of the Great Wall. There are few people on weekdays. The trail is beautiful and has a wide view. You can overlook the Dona Bridge and the Dona Suspension Bridge. The whole trip is still a little bit of a stretch Challenging, but worth the walk.

Last Update:2022-07-14

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