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Longtoushan Leisure Area

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Maolin District

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    Longtoushan Leisure Area

Lontoushan is characterized by a “meander core.” At dusk and dawn, flocks of eagles can be seen covering up the hill and flying along the river valley. Thus, the area is also called the Eagle Valley. Due to fragile rock layers, the river is rather crooked. Affected by river water, the unusual meander core took shape. The interesting landscape looks like a dragon spitting out pearls, and thus the area is mostly known as Longtoushan, meaning “dragon-head mountain.” Longtoushan is a famous tourist destination and a major landmark in Maolin.

To go to the top of Longtoushan, take County Road 132 by car. As you find a viewing platform, park your car and take the path next to it. Feel free to enjoy the amazing meander core and the impressive Duona High Suspension Bridge. The view is open and the scenery is graceful. Immerse in it!

Longtoushan Leisure Area
4.3 4stars 506 reviews
Elsa Lee
5stars a month ago

Parking is convenient. Except for the stairs in the section of the Great Wall, most of the trails are flat and easy to walk. It is suitable for families of all sizes to travel together and breathe fresh air to enjoy the wonderful mountain scenery. There are toilets and 2 stalls selling food in the parking lot. One of them is recommended by a store to buy his tea eggs. The quality of the eggs is that the fresh egg yolks are very juicy and delicious. The Luoshen Aiyu from the hawker on the opposite side is delicious to quench your thirst! The boss said that Aiyu seeds were picked by the residents on the mountain + their own fried brown sugar and self-boiled Roselle juice, he just beat the pineapple molasses Aiyu sold by the opposite merchant!

3stars a week ago

風景美 特殊地理 河水清湍急(千萬別下水) 但沒什麼遮陰處 假日去沿路沒什麼店家 有店家也沒啥坐位(很窄小小間)距離很遠 往上去有望夫厓 好處是有乾淨的廁所 唯一家賣的就蜜愛玉飲品 去走走步道很舒服 但請自己帶乾糧跟水

T Men J
5stars 2 months ago

This is the place leading to the Little Great Wall. Below, there is someone who is super good Abei who sells Luoshen Aiyu. It is delicious and natural. He will also tell you the way. Please talk to him~

5stars a week ago

The Little Great Wall Trail in the "Longtoushan Recreation Area" in Maolin will go back and forth about 1:15 minutes with the Duna High Suspension Bridge. Take a walk and climb high to see the distance. You can enjoy it in the evening.

4stars 2 weeks ago


Last Update:2021-11-30

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