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Flavors of Indigenous Homelands Two Day Trips Route A

Participate in the annual Austronesian Wedding event and experience the Indigenous culture and local cultural traditions. Try for yourself the striking architecture of the area - stone slab B&Bs, and gaze outward from the highest B&B within Pingtung County, taking in the panoramic view of nature right before your eyes.

  • Day 1

  • Austronesian Wedding
    Austronesian Wedding

    The “Austronesian Wedding” event held by the Maolin Scenic Area Administration is a singular event that has attracted many non-Indigenous couples from Taiwan to participate, and also some couples from abroad. The romantic atmosphere and exotic experience of the wedding has been well received by all who have witnessed it.

  • Taiwan Aboriginal Culture Park
    Taiwan Aboriginal Culture Park

    The Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Park can be found in Beiye Village of Majia Township in Pingtung. Formerly the Majia Cultural Village, the Cultural Park was established in 1985 and covers an area of 82 hectares, where Paiwan and Lukai communities can be found in the adjacency. The Cultural Park aims to present and preserve Taiwan’s indigenous culture and is said to be the largest outdoor indigenous museum presenting the greatest research value in Taiwan.

  • Day 2

  • Wutai
  • Dubanan Memorial Hall
    Dubanan Memorial Hall

    The Dubanan Memorial Hall is located on Slate Stone Alley in Wutai Township. It is dedicated to Dubanan, a revered sculptor known for his wooden sculptures. He also created many totems for the Lukai Tribe.

  • 圖片
    Wutai Presbyterian Church

    The Wutai Presbyterian Church is located in Wutai Village of Wutai Township. The famous indigenous artist Dubanan gathered construction materials in the region and led the local tribe to construct the church in 1966. The indigenous people went on to build what is said to be the tallest cypress cross in Asia and slate stone arts along the way. Tucked away in the forest and hidden behind a screen of cloud and fog, the castle-like church makes people think of heaven, and that is why it is a must-see for tourists visiting Wutai.

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