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Hot Springs and Health One Day Trips Route A

Baolai Hot Springs area and its clear waters will help smoothen your skin and relax your body.

  • Day 1

  • Meinong Township
  • Baolai
  • Pulai Stream Xitoushe War Road
    Pulai Stream Xitoushe War Road

    Baolai was originally named Pulai. Xitoushe is located where the waters divide between the Laoning Stream and Baolai Stream, and was originally inhabited by the Zou tribe. The war road is about three kilometers long and is elevated around 450-500 meters high. The amount of time it takes to walk the total distance is approximately one hour.

  • Baolai Hot Spring Area
    Baolai Hot Spring Area

    The Baolai hot spring arises in the Baolai Valley east of Baolai Village. On both sides of the spring are precipices and cliffs, and the scenery is magnificent. Baolai hot spring is a bicarbonate spring, with a pH of about 7.5, and temperature about 60℃. The water is plentiful for both drinking and bathing. It is said to have numerous health benefits.

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Last Update:2021-11-02

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