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Mountain Climbing and Hiking Two Day Trips Route B

Walk along on the military road and experience authentic wildness on an ancient hiking path imbued with culture and history. Walking Pulai Xitou Tribal Village Military Road in person, allows visitors to appreciate history and then visit the rose garden full of beautiful flowers. Finally, drop by Liugui Nursery to have fun with the children and express sincere love and solicitude.

  • Day 1

  • Mountain City Rose Tree Garden
  • Liouguei Dongxi Bridge
    Liouguei Dongxi Bridge

    Casting your eyes over the horizons from the Provincial Highway No. 27, you will see a red arch bridge with girders resembling two handles of a basket lifting the deck up, and that is the Dongxi Bridge. Sitting against the backdrop of a clear blue sky, the bridge radiates liveliness.

  • Baolai Visitor Center (Old Tree Square)
  • Day 2

  • Baolai
  • Pulai Stream Xitoushe War Road
    Pulai Stream Xitoushe War Road

    The trail is the namesake of the Pulai Xitou Tribe that found itself situated at the watershed separating the Laonong River and the Baolai River. At the beginning of the 20th century, a Japanese anthropologist came across the relics of the Tribe, which also included the battlefield trail. The trail was built circling up the Meilong Hill to transport construction materials for a fort on the top in the Japanese colonial era, which was used to regulate the indigenous activities. The trail then became known as the Pulai Xitou Tribe Battle Field Trail now, serving as a reminder of history.

  • Zhulin Recreation Farm
    Zhulin Recreation Farm

    The Zhulin Recreational Farm is located beside the Southern Cross-Island Highway. Sprawling across 400 to 1300 meters above sea level, the farm is where visitors can enjoy nice weather, appreciate the beauty of the Central Mountain Range, and take in the full view of the gurgling Baolai River below. In winter, the farm is turned into a secret paradise with plum flowers blossoming everywhere.

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