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Baoshan Tribe, also known as Ciusinlun, is primarily inhabited by the Bunun people. Renowned for its native high mountain tea, oolong tea, peaches, and plums, Baoshan is shrouded in mist and clouds, offering a cool and pleasant climate that makes it an excellent destination for tea enthusiasts.
Baoshan Tribe retains native tea trees (Camellia formosensis) planted during the Japanese colonial period. Growing at altitudes of 1,200 m to 1,600 m, these tea trees, nurtured by years of mist, produce some of the finest teas. Local people have also crafted tea ceremony tools that incorporate elements of Bunun culture and offer guided tours for tourists to learn about the etiquette of tea ceremony and the culture of tea appreciation.

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Last Update:2024-05-10

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