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Miaochong Temple

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Liouguei District

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    Miaochong Temple

The Miao Chong Temple was originally built in Caoya, Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung in 1963. However, due to Kaohsiung City Government’s road expansion project, the temple was moved to Qingliang Mountain in Liugui in 1984, and the relocation process was completed in 1988. The temple now sits near the 7km mark of Provincial Highway No. 27.

The Miao Chong Temple consists of seven Chinese-style temple buildings arranged to form a Chinese palace-like structure. Each temple building features two floors, a hipped roof with upward-bending corners, pillars decorated with Indian rubies, marble walls, and rails; such design is said to be rare around the world.

The temple is tucked away in a mountain and shrouded with serenity. Its exterior is decorated with colorful words of the Oṃ maṇi Padme hūṃ, the six-syllable mantra, in Chinese and Sanskrit. The temple mainly worships Manjusri, but sculptures of Buddha can also be found on the walls inside the building. The Buddha sculptures are carved with great care and present many details; every single piece is an artwork itself.

Visitors are recommended to spend two hours at the temple. Besides artworks in the building, visitors can also appreciate great view from the vantage point in the temple complex. 

Last Update:2023-10-25

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