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Maolin National Scenic AreaExplore MaolinScenic SpotsMaolin DistrictLovers' Gorge
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Lovers' Gorge

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Maolin District

Showers or thunderstorms(Maolin District)


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    Lovers' Gorge

Location: Located at the 2.5 km marker on Kaohsiung Rural Route No. 132.

Lover’s Gorge is located along the Jhuokou River at southern Maolin Village. In the Rukai language it is known as "Tubalu". Here, the river flows slowly as the clear water runs over a wide flat riverbed of soft thin sand, making this spot ideal for tourism and recreation. For travelers planning to visit the Lovers’ Gorge Waterfall, they should cross a suspension bridge and walk upstream along a path for about ten minutes.

The waterfall has a total of five levels that is divided from the bottom to the top, but visitors can only reach the second level through the steps on the side. The lush forest, steep slopes, stunning mountain views, and cascades of flowing water make this an ideal spot to enjoy summer vacations. The environment is peaceful and cool, and clouds of mist produced by the waterfall effectively reduces high temperature during the summer. On the side of the waterfall there is a pavilion for visitors to take a rest after swimming or to just enjoy the beautiful scenery. On holidays, it is a popular place for sightseeing, mountain climbing, and river trekking. It is a scenic spot for recreational activities and for avoiding the summer heat in southern Taiwan.

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After reaching the top of the stairs and walking for a distance, visitors will arrive at the Rainbow Falls, which is named for the rainbow created from the refraction of sunshine on water particles splashing at the waterfall during noon on a good weather day. The rainbow normally lasts for a few hours, and is said to resemble a silk cloth woven by fairies.


Maolin Dist., Kaohsiung



Traffic Information

Driving: Located at the 2.5km marker on the Kaohsiung Rural Route No. 132 Bus: Take the Pingtung Passenger Co. bus bound for Maolin or Dajin from Pingtung and get off at Maolin.

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.66011/22.88041
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    Lovers' Gorge
    4 4stars 1160 reviews
    Mahendra Jadhao
    5stars 7 months ago

    Really lovely place to visit if you are a nature lover… we went there during Covid restrictions and swimming was not allowed … overall nice experience

    Doris, 喬屏Tsai (喬屏)
    5stars a year ago

    Fantastic! Lots of fun!😍 Cool waterfall~

    Vipin Saini
    4stars a year ago

    Good for family outing to enjoy with nature...

    Krzysztof Dyrda
    1stars 2 years ago

    Nothing there no water no waterfall supposedly because of the dry season! Dont recommend.

    Mike Mlejnek
    5stars a year ago

    Got to go when there has been a recent rain.

    Last Update:2022-05-20

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