Lovers' Gorge

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Maolin District

Occasional afternoon thunderstorms(Maolin District)


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    Lovers' Gorge

The Lovers’ Valley, or Tubalu in the indigenous Lukai language, can be found on the Lovers’ Valley Interconnected Highway. The valley has a clear and gentle stream at the flat river bed characterized by smooth sand.

Upon arrival at the valley, visitors will see the Lovers’ Valley Suspension Bridge, which spans across the Zhuokou River. After crossing the bridge, visitors only have to walk alongside a trail for another ten minutes to reach the Lovers’ Valley Waterfall, which consists of five smaller waterfalls. However, visitors can only access the first and the second ones through a stairway beside the trail.

The Lovers’ Valley is a great place to visit during summer if you want to hide away from the summer heat. You can appreciate the lush forest, surrounding mountains, and the melody of gurgling water while absorbing Phytoncide at a pavilion right beside the waterfall.

Visitors are recommended to spend around an hour here. Besides a stroll on the hiking trail, they can also relax by the waterfall or take pictures at the pavilion or on the suspension bridge. 

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After reaching the top of the stairs and walking for a distance, visitors will arrive at the Rainbow Falls, which is named for the rainbow created from the refraction of sunshine on water particles splashing at the waterfall during noon on a good weather day. The rainbow normally lasts for a few hours, and is said to resemble a silk cloth woven by fairies.


On the liaison road of lover's Valley, Maolin District, Kaohsiung City



Traffic Information

Located at the 2.5km marker on the Kaohsiung Rural Route No. 132

Take the Pingtung Passenger Co. bus bound for Maolin or Dajin from Pingtung and get off at Maolin.

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.66011/22.88041
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    Lovers' Gorge
    3.9 3stars 1305 reviews
    yacuku #29
    1stars a month ago

    We went here but unfortunately the falls was dry .. but we have a great and happy experience 😊😊😊❤️ very cold

    Rubino Geiß
    3stars 4 years ago

    Waterfall dry in January 2018. This might be quite nice, if the water is actually falling. Nevertheless a nice short walk in the nature.

    Aulia Rachman
    5stars 4 years ago

    Sooooo beautiful waterfall, go for the second one, climbing through the stairs past the small hut, you can swim there..

    Razat Kharga
    1stars a month ago

    There's no waterfall, maybe it's because of the dry season. Don't bother to go If it's not the rainy season.

    Body Any
    3stars 5 years ago

    Can drive to the waterfall. A guy wanna charge you 50 ntd for parking on his land. Public toilet is directly next to the creek. Wondering where the sewage goes?

    Last Update:2022-07-14

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