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Tengzhi National Forest Recreation Area

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Taoyuan District

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    Tengzhi National Forest Recreation Area

Location: It is located near the 9km marker on Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 27 and the 20km marker on Laonong forest path.
Address: No. 78, Sec. Tengzhi Baoshan Village, Taoyuan District, Kaohsiung City.

At altitudes between 500 and 1800m, the Tengzhi National Forest Recreation Area is filled with rich forests of maple trees, Chinese firs, cherry trees, plum trees, two-leaf pines, and much more. It is one of the most famous natural broadleaf tree reserves in Taiwan, and is also known as the “Little Sitou of South Taiwan”. The scenery changes dramatically as seasons change. Little construction has taken place in this area, therefore its natural beauty is well preserved.

Located at an altitude of 1550m, the Sentao Village is under the administration of the Liouguei Office of Taiwan Forestry Bureau. The Sentao Recreation Area includes dark green forests, mountain slopes, and valleys, all rippling with mists and clouds. From here, visitors may also enjoy the view of Mount Jade, Guan Mountain, Dawu Mountain, and the lookout tower on Pinuyumayan Mountain. It is one of the most popular scenic spots in this region. The average yearly temperature in this area is 17°C, and rainy season lasts from May to September. Nevertheless, the cool climate makes the site a good choice to visit for summer vacations.

The rest of the year, from January to April and from October to December, is suitable for trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, and bird watching. It is an excellent side to gain knowledge about nature and ecology. The area includes over 770 hectares of virgin forest, and at an altitude of approximately 1500-1580m, the region is rich with bird life and other fauna. It is also filled with juniper trees, which is unusual for the tropical South Taiwan. Attractions include log cabins, a lookout tower, a meteorology station, and an alarm bell, which is now mainly used to call diners to meal at the restaurants in Tengzhi National Forest Recreation Area.

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Travel Trips

It is difficult to do justice to Tengzhi on a one-day trip for many reasons, for example, many animals do not come out until the evening. For people planning to visit Tengzhi, it is advised that you arrange a two-day itinerary that includes visits to other sites around Liugui. The trip from the guest house to the lookout tower covers a total distance of 1.8km, and the hike takes about 2-3 hours. The return trip is only 1.4km in distance and is an approximately 2 hour walk. ※ Sources taken from : Taiwan Forestry Bureau





Traffic Information

Drive: It is located between the areas 9km to the side of Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 27 and 20km along the Laonong forest path. Bus: Take the Kaohsiung Passenger Co. bus bound for Liugui at Kaohsiung, Meinong, or Qishan. It is an approximately 23km walk from Liugui. From Pingtung, take the 8:00am Taiwan Passenger Bus Co. bus to the final stop. Then, take one of the scheduled Kaohsiung Passenger Co. buses from Liugui to Tengjhih National Forest Recreation Area. The buses run four times every day.

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.75465/23.06777
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