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Yanban (Slate) Lane

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Wutai Township

Partly cloudy(Wutai Township)


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    Yanban (Slate) Lane

Yanban(Slate) lane was constructed from slate and is lined with sculptures, pottery, and other arts telling ancient tales of weaving maids, brave hunters, and aging headmen.

The entrance to these stone slab houses is quite small that most people have to bend over to enter. There is no cement pillar in the houses, as the houses are completely supported by the structure and position of the stone slabs. The size of the house is decided by the number of people in the family, with larger houses for larger families and vice versa.

People here follow a unique custom that they bury the dead body of their family under the stone slab house. Of all the stone slab architectures in Taiwan, only the ones in Wutai have been untouched and are kept in good condition.

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There’s a saying that


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You can see both the ancient slate house. and newly built ones at Yanban Lane. Try if you can tell the differences between them.


Wutai Township, Pingtung County



Traffic Information

At the 41 km marker on Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 24.

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.73068/22.74538
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    Yanban (Slate) Lane
    4.5 4stars 232 reviews
    Scott St. John
    5stars 2 years ago

    Great Church with friendly staff working there. Great place for a few photos!

    David Liu
    5stars 4 years ago

    very good

    5stars 2 weeks ago

    ⭐Five stars are dedicated to the beautiful and magnificent scenery and native customs This is the second visit to Wutai Township There is no turbulent crowd in the cherry blossom season This time of leisure makes Wutai feel more beautiful Cats and dogs are very relatives The people I met are very kind Mountains and sky along the way Combine into the most beautiful and fusion of blue and green The color book is not aggressive or implied People put the frame everywhere ✅About Wutai Township ▶️The highest township in Pingtung County ▶️Mainly a settlement of Rukai aboriginal people with rich Rukai cultural heritage ▶️The only Aboriginal second-class historic site in the country ▶️Slate house, weaving craftsmanship, stone carvings, not to be missed ▶️Waterfalls, valleys, and Tianyuan scenery worthy of a deep visit ✅About Yanban Lane Walk here You can see the ingenuity of mountain scenery and aboriginal art everywhere We think art In fact, it appears everywhere in large and small private houses Animals Lilies Clay Pots Hundred Pap Snake Statues of People All the symbols of Rukai You can have a panoramic view when you walk to Yanban Alley Walk here Bustling morning, tourists and shops are like a banner But when the sun goes down, the quiet mountain city returns to its original color Can experience the beauty of tranquility Take a walk, stop and eat, very leisurely Handmade Aiyu each has its own characteristics Don’t miss the aboriginal barbecue The meat is salty and tender, grilled through a slate Some stores also sell woven bags Durable and worth buying

    pintsung yao
    4stars 4 weeks ago

    After eating Xiaomi Aiyu and Xiaomi Donuts You can come here for a walk There is also the King of Sakura in winter

    5stars a month ago

    Great place, there are also delicious slate barbecue, a worthwhile trip

    Last Update:2021-11-30

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