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Wutai Scenic Area

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Wutai Township

Partly cloudy(Wutai Township)


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    Wutai Scenic Area

Location : Situated between the mountainous areas of Dawushan and Wutuoshan in the Central Mountains.

Wutai Scenic Area is situated at the Wutai Village of Wutai Township and surrounded by Yila, Cyulu, Ali, Jiamu, Dawu, and Haocha Villages. The nearby natural swimming pool at Haocha Village is famous due to its location in the deep forest along with its annual average temperature around 17~18℃. Even in the summer, it is a pleasant and cool place to visit. The fascinating scenery of the ridges and peaks make the place a great spot of visitors during the summer vacation.

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Before August 15th of every year on the western calendar, the Rukai people Tribe will celebrate traditional grand sacrifice ceremony----The Harvest Festival. It is the grand event of the tribe that you should definitely come and experience. Old Haocha is presently listed as a second-class historic monument. To enter Wutai, you should apply a mountain permit.





Traffic Information

Bus: At Pingtung take the bus of Taiwan Bus Passenger Co. bound for Wutai Township,and get off at the Wutai Stop Driving: National Freeway No. 1→Kaohsiung Interchange→Tawan Provincial Highway No. 1 Yi line →Houjhuang→Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 1 →Pingtung→Tawan Provincial Highway No. 24 →Shueimen →Sande Inspecting Post → Yila Village→Huarongshe(exit to Wutai)→ Wutai Scenic Area.

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.73227/22.74459
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    Last Update:2020-07-20

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