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Taiwan Aboriginal Culture Park

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Majia Township

Occasional afternoon showers(Majia Township)


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    Taiwan Aboriginal Culture Park

Location: Situated on the south side of Jhihliao River, which intersected between MajiaTownship and Sandimen. Near the 19 km marker on Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 24, turn right to 3.5 km of Pingtung Rural Route No. 35.


The park is located at Beiye Village, Pingtung County. It was originally called the Majia Aboriginal Culture Village as it situated in the intersection of the three aboriginal townships of Sandimen, Majia, and Wutai. It is only 24 km away from Pingtung City, with convenient transportation. It contains both the Paiwan and Rukai tribes. The park was established in 1985, covering about 82 hectares and preserving aboriginal cultures of 16 tribes of Taiwan. It is divided into four areas: a welcoming area, Tamaluwan District, Naluwan District, and Fuguwan District. The altitude is between 145m and 220m; the landforms are rather rugged. Spectacular and diversified landscape to enjoy. The welcoming area is right at the entrance, with facilities displaying historic relics, a Handicrafts Hall, an Audio & Visual Hall, an octagon-shaped Special Exhibit Hall, and Information office.

Both Tamaluwan and Fuguwan Districts exhibit their aboriginal traditional buildings and demonstrate the styles and cultural highlights of the tribe. In the Naluwan District, there is a place for performances of traditional dances and songs, a 360 degree circular theatre and the exhibition hall of the statues and lifestyles for 16 tribes. Classes are provided for hands-on work of aboriginal handcrafts. Following the hiking path up, you will see the whole picture of slate house, bamboo house and wooden lodge cabin situating among the green trees. You may also see aboriginal sculptures everywhere, display aboriginal traditions and culture when walking in the park.

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Open Hours: The park is open Tuesday through Sunday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, including national holidays. The park is closed on Mondays. Admission: - Adults: NT$150. - Students, military personnel, and police officers ticket: $80. - Groups with more than 30 persons receive a 20% discount. - For handicapped citizens, senior citizens over 65 years old and young children under 110 cm admission is free. Hours for Aboriginal Traditional performance: Every Tuesday through Saturday 10:30 am, 3:00 pm.





Traffic Information

Driving: National Freeway No. 3 exit at Jiouru Interchange, follow Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 3 & 24, through Pingtung City to Shuimen and follow the signs and turn right to reach the destination, and the whole journey is about 34 km.

  • Longitude/Latitude:120.66355/22.70538
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